Thursday, December 7th, 2023

relief! New facility is going to start at railway station, ticket will be available in minutes, no need to go to the window


Southern Railway Division has decided to install 254 additional ATVMs at stations.
Passengers can extract tickets within minutes from ATVMs machines available at railway stations.
With the installation of new machines, the time of passengers will be saved and there will be less crowd at the counter.

New Delhi. Buying ticket from the window at the station before traveling in the train is a big headache for every passenger, because it is very difficult to wait for hours in long queues. However, in this era of technology, Indian Railways (Indian Railway News) Keeping in view the facilities of the passengers, ticket vending machines have been installed at many major stations, but their number is very less. Now the Railways has announced to increase the number of these automatic ticket vending machines.

More at many railway stations of the country Automatic Ticket Vending Machine Passengers will get tickets easily and they will get rid of the hassle of buying tickets in long queues. This will save people’s time as well as reduce the crowd at the ticket counter.

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very easy ticket
Southern Railway Division has decided to install 254 additional ATVMs at various railway stations. Southern Railway has decided to install 254 automatic ticket vending machines in a total of 6 divisions. Passengers can extract tickets within minutes from ATVMs machines available at railway stations. The special thing is that unreserved tickets for all trains including super fast and mail express can be extracted from these machines. Apart from this, platform ticket can also be taken.

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how does this machine work
The ticket vending machines installed at railway stations also work exactly like bank ATMs. Tickets for travel can be obtained from ticket vending machines in the same way as you withdraw money from an ATM. Write the name of the city you want to travel through this machine and select it. Then select the category of train you want to travel by (such as superfast, mail express or passenger etc.), then pay by cash, smart card or UPI. After this the machine ticket will be printed and come out.

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