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Relief in wholesale inflation after retail, inflation based on wholesale prices decreased in February

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on the inflation front Today is good news for the second day in a row. After getting relief in retail inflation on Monday, there has been a decrease in wholesale inflation today. According to data released by the government, inflation based on wholesale prices eased to 3.85% in February. Wholesale Price Index (WPI) based inflation was 4.73 per cent in January this year and 13.43 per cent in February 2022.

However, food items became costlier

However, inflation in food articles rose to 3.81 per cent. Whereas in February it was 2.38 percent. The decline in inflation rate in February 2023 is mainly due to crude petroleum and natural gas, non-food articles, food products, minerals, computers, electronic and optical products, chemicals and chemical products, electrical appliances and goods, said the commerce and industry ministry. Due to fall in motor prices. Inflation in pulses stood at 2.59 per cent, while that in vegetables was (-)21.53 per cent. Inflation in oilseeds stood at (-)7.38 per cent in February 2023. Inflation in fuel and power came down from 15 per cent to 14.82 per cent. In manufactured products, it was 1.94 per cent as against 2.99 per cent in January. In manufactured products it is 1.94 percent while in January it was 2.was 99 percent. Earlier, a decrease in retail inflation was also recorded. Its figures were released on Monday. Retail inflation eased marginally to 6.6 percent in February amid softening of food articles and fuel prices.stood at 44 percent. Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation in January 6.was 52 percent.

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