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Read answers to some strange questions asked in UPSC CSE interview here

UPSC Tricky Questions: It is very difficult to predict the type of questions that will be asked in the Civil Services Examination of the Union Public Service Commission. However, many times such questions are asked here whose answers are less in books and more in spot response. Some questions are such that one laughs on seeing them and it never comes to mind that the answer was so simple. See examples of similar questions here.

Question – How do you cook raw eggs Can be left on a concrete floor without breaking it?

Answer – It is very difficult to break the concrete floor, I cannot break it.

Question – In which state is the Bay of Bengal?

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Answer – Bay of Bengal is in liquid state.

Question – What will you do if I run away with your sister?

Answer – I will be very happy because I cannot find a better boy than you for my sister. This would be my good luck.

Question – If you are locked in a dark room and you have a candle, lantern, gas and matches, what would you light first?

Answer – I will first light the match stick. After that, I will light something that gives light to it.

Question – What will you do if you see your sister in bed without clothes one morning?

Answer – I will give my younger sister something to cover first because children get cold very quickly.

Question – If eight men take twelve hours to build a wall, how long will it take seven men to build it?

Answer – It will not take time at all because the wall has already been built.

Question – In which country is there a ban on wearing blue jeans?

Answer – Wearing blue jeans is banned in North Korea.

Question – How many times does the letter A appear in counting from 01 to 100?

Answer – The letter A does not appear even once in counting from 01 to 100.

Question – Which is the word in English which is always read wrong?

Answer – The English word wrong is always read as wrong.

Question – A child is born in Lahore, Pakistan but he is not a Pakistani, how?

Answer – That child must have been born before 1947, then Lahore was not built.

Question – In which country of the world is it illegal to eat or sell chewing gum?

Answer – It is illegal to eat or sell chewing gum in Singapore.

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