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RCB vs KKR: KKR achieved a unique position

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Virat Kohli

RCB vs KKR IPL 2023: Now the excitement has increased even more in IPL 2023. Half of the IPL season is over, which means now the race for the playoffs has become even more interesting. This is the phase of IPL, where the team finds its right combination and moves forward on the path of victory. But it should also be kept in mind that each and every match becomes very important and the defeat is heavy. Meanwhile, some teams which could not perform well in the first phase are now on their way to victory. One of those teams is KKR i.e. Kolkata Knight Riders. KKR’s team was struggling with a lot of problems, but now by defeating RCB, they have shown that they cannot be taken lightly and they are also big contenders for the playoffs.

KKR getting consecutive wins against RCB in Bangalore

Meanwhile, in IPL 2023, another match was played at RCB’s home ground on Wednesday evening, in which RCB had to face defeat. The interesting thing is that RCB is continuously losing to KKR even while playing at home. For the last seven years, in all the matches held at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore, RCB has been defeated every time. This process started from the year 2016, which is still going on. Let’s start from 2016 itself, this year KKR defeated RCB by a wicket. After this, in the year 2017, KKR defeated RCB by six wickets. In the year 2018, KKR again won by six wickets. In the year 2019, KKR thrashed RCB by five wickets. After this, IPL matches were not played in Bangalore in the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. Three years later, when the KKR and RCB teams came face to face in Bangalore, it was learned that the losing streak continued here as well. This time the possibility of RCB’s victory was being expressed. The reason for this was that earlier you saw that KKR’s team was winning by wickets, ie by chasing runs, but in this match, KKR batted first and RCB got the chance to chase runs. But even after this, KKR defeated RCB by 21 runs.

This was the condition of RCB vs KKR match
Talking about this match, the captaincy of RCB was again in the hands of Virat Kohli and he/she won the toss. After this, RCB decided to bowl first. Once it seemed that KKR’s team would not be able to cross the 200 mark, but first Jason Roy played a stormy innings and then Rinku Singh’s bat also scored very fast runs. By the end of 20 overs, KKR had scored a full 200 and RCB were set a target of 201 to win. It was not a huge target for RCB, but the team could not achieve it either. The entire team scored 179 runs for eight wickets in 20 overs and lost by 21 runs.

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