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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Ravi Kishan has a total of 11 houses from Mumbai to Gorakhpur, yet he/she is in debt

Bhojpuri film superstar and actor Ravi Kishan, who is in the news for ‘Missing Ladies’, is a well-known actor. he/she has worked in many films. he/she has also sung songs. his/her popularity has been in UP-Bihar since the beginning. he/she has also become an MP for the second time. he/she contested the election from Gorakhpur seat on a BJP ticket and he/she also won. Apart from Bollywood, he/she has also shown his/her strength in South cinema. he/she not only earns from his/her acting, but also makes a lot of money as an MP. Let us tell you how and how much is his/her total income. Ravi Kishan’s salary as an MP is Rs 1 lakh per month. he/she is given Rs 70 thousand every month as an allowance for his/her Lok Sabha constituency. At the same time, Rs 60 thousand is given to him/her for his/her employees and other expenses. The total net worth of the 55-year-old actor is Rs 36 crore, out of which movable assets worth about Rs 14.96 crore and immovable assets worth Rs 20.70 crore. Also included is ancestral property worth Rs 2.55 crore.

Ravi Kishan has gold worth around Rs 10 lakh

According to the affidavit given by Ravi Kishan during the elections, he/she has 318 grams of gold. The value of which is around 9.38 lakh rupees. Talking about his/her wife, she has immovable property worth 4.25 crores and 210 grams of gold.

Ravi Kishan has 11 luxurious houses

Ravi Kishan has not one but 11 houses from Gorakhpur to Mumbai. All of them are worth crores of rupees. If we talk about each house, then one of them is a flat in Andheri West, Mumbai. Second, there is a flat in Sky Viman Nagar, Pune. Third, there is a bungalow in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Fourth, there is a flat in Oshiwara. Fifth, there is a flat in Goregaon West, Mumbai. Sixth, there is a luxurious bungalow in Gorakhpur and seventh, in Jaunpur.

Ravi Kishan is still in debt

Ravi Kishan also has a great car. he/she has bought luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar Fiesta, Street Bob, Fortuner and Innova. But despite all this, the actor is in debt of Rs 1.68 crore.

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