Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Rare white rhinoceros was born in Britain’s zoo, a wave of happiness among scientists


  • A white rhinoceros was born in Britain, scientists said – it is a miracle!
  • The declining population of white rhinoceros in the world is a matter of concern, on the verge of extinction
  • The population has increased from 100 white rhinos in the 90s to 18,000 today.

A white rhinoceros has been born in a UK zoo, which is being called ‘Little Miracle’. The Southern White Rhino was born on Saturday at the Africa Alive Zoo near Loestoft. Its mother Naziri is nine years old and father Zimba is 13 years old. For the first time an animal has been born in this zoo. The zoo is run by the Zoological Society of East Anglia (ZSEA), which is part of the European Breeding Program for the species.

Four southern white rhinos are present in this zoo. This rhinoceros is being called a ‘miracle’ because at one point this species had reached the verge of extinction. In the 1990s, only 50 to 100 white rhinos of this species were left in the world. Due to successful conservation efforts, its population has increased and today their number has reached 18,000. However, due to poaching, they are counted in the ‘near threatened’ category of animals in the forest.
These pictures of crying rhinoceros can make anyone emotional, cruel hunters took away by cutting off their horns
Important step towards conservation of species
ZSEA CEO Claudia Roberts said that this is a very encouraging step towards the conservation of this species. We at Africa Alive are extremely delighted with the birth of our first White Rhino. Africa Alive official Graeme Williamson said that the birth of this rhinoceros is indeed a miracle. Najeeri and her baby are completely healthy but since Najeeri has become a mother for the first time, we are keeping a close watch on her.

Rhinoceros can stand only after an hour
At present, the white rhinoceros has not been named and its keepers do not even know whether it is male or female. Newborn rhinos of this species usually weighed between 40 and 60 kg at birth. They are able to stand only an hour after birth and try to drink milk soon after. Williamson explained that the pregnant female rhinoceros is kept separate from her group before delivery, which remains isolated for a few days after giving birth.


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