Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Ramtalai worth crores in Rewari, people captured it – Presswire18

Tarun Jain/HP

Rewari, 27 November

The valuable land of the Municipal Council is continuously being encroached upon in the city. A similar case has been seen in Ramtalai located in Ward-31 of the city, where construction is going on in full swing on a huge plot of land owned by the Municipal Council worth crores of rupees. The people here have been fighting a long battle against these encroachments and the polluted water being released into it. But till date the administration has not taken any action on their complaints. Now people have started preparing for hunger strike and agitation. The huge plot of land where illegal encroachment is taking place is located in Ward-31 of Mohalla Qutubpur, Saini Mohalla, Jaswant Nagar. According to government revenue records, this plot covers a total of 13763 square yards (23 Kanal 15 Marla) of land, the value of which is said to be around Rs 60-70 crore. This plot of Municipal Council has been known as Ramtalai for decades. Once upon a time, it was filled with clean water and the local people took full advantage of it. Also, the youth and children of the ward have been playing in it. But now in Ramtalai, let alone clean water, instead of releasing the dirty rain and street water into the sewer, it is being released into it. This trend has been going on for about 10-15 years. When the city council did not take any care of this desolate unclaimed land, people took advantage of it and started constructing concrete structures. 15-20 big houses have been built here under the nose of the administration. Residents of the locality say that while the dirty water filled in Ramtalai emits a terrible smell, the environment of the entire area is getting polluted due to the outbreak of dengue and mosquitoes.

The conscious people of this ward have formed a committee and decided to free this historical Ramtalai from illegal encroachments and dirty water. Active members of the committee, Ratanlal Saini, Vaidya Premchand Sharma, Suresh Yadav, Radhey Yadav, Arjun Saini, Advocate Navneet Yadav, Krishna Yadav, Ashok Yadav, Mahesh Sharma, Jagendra Saini, Nihal Chand Sharma said that the people of the ward have repeatedly appealed to the Municipal Council, The Municipal Commissioner has informed the Deputy Commissioner’s office about the problem by giving a written memorandum in this regard. He said that the administration is not taking any interest in removing illegal encroachments. When information regarding this plot was sought under RTI, instead of giving correct information, it was covered up.

The residents of the ward have taken the initiative to preserve the historicity of Ramtalai. They want that illegal encroachment should be removed here and dirty water should be stopped and a community hall and a beautiful park should be built on it. So that it can be useful to the common people. He has made this demand by submitting a memorandum to DC, CM, Local Government Minister, DMC, Municipal Council. But no concrete steps have been taken yet. To save this plot, they will now take the path of agitation. Social worker Ratanlal Saini said that he will soon go on a hunger strike to wake up the administration and decide the future strategy of the movement. Municipal Council Chairperson Poonam Yadav said that the matter of encroachment in Ramtalai has come to her notice. She will send officials to get that plot measured. Besides, the encroachment there will also be removed.

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