Sunday, February 25th, 2024

Rampur: SP leader Azam Khan celebrated Akhilesh’s birthday, cut the cake with pen instead of knife and said a big thing

Azam cutting the cake with pen…
– Photo: Amar Ujala


SP leader Azam Khan cut the cake with pen instead of knife on the occasion of Akhilesh Yadav’s birthday. Azam Khan took a knife in one hand and pen in another and said that this is what we want to give and this is our mission and this is the message of today’s socialists. he/she said about the knife that it will be useful for cutting and about the pen he/she said that it will change the fate. Now people decide which way is right.

It is said that those who cheated socialism by changing their clothes, cheated people like us and ruined the society, such people should not be forgiven. We also take a pledge that we will try our best to save ourselves and you from the black sheep hidden inside us. Those who have joined Samajwadi Party by lying, cheating and applying white ink on their black faces would like to National leadership should not remove such people, they should be kicked out.

he/she said that it is not a small but a big loss. There is a need to take a lesson from the results that have come especially in western Uttar Pradesh and the fascist forces have harmed the socialist ideology, there is a need to look into the reasons, there is no need to be afraid. Because maybe there will not be a second chance, this will be the last chance.

Said that in Ramzan Sharif those whom we consider as our ideal, sit in a society and have breakfast, such people will not be acceptable, no matter how big they may be. A good Hindu, a Sikh and a Christian are far better than a depraved Muslim. If socialists will not unite then big loss will have to wait, take lesson and remove evils, be useful to people. You cannot raise your stature by cutting someone’s feet, you have to lose a lot to become something.

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