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Ramlala will soon visit the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, these artisans will make the idol of Shri Ram

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Ramlala will soon sit in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram temple

Ayodhya: Big news is coming out for Ram devotees, soon Ramlala will sit in the sanctum sanctorum of Ayodhya Ram temple. According to the information, in January 2024, Lord Ram will sit in his/her original sanctum sanctorum, because the wait for making the idol of Ramlala is now over. Mysore sculptor Arun Yogiraj will prepare the idol of Lord Rama on the Shyamshila brought from Karnataka in the Ram temple. he/she has got the responsibility of preparing the idol of Lord Shri Ram. In such a situation, soon people will get the privilege of having a divine darshan of Ramlala.

Important decisions taken in the meeting of Ram Mandir Trust

A two-day informal meeting of the temple trust was held regarding the construction of the Ram temple, in which brainstorming was held regarding the consecration of Lord Ram Lala in the Ram temple. Before this, the committee inspected the Ram Janmabhoomi complex and Ramsevakapuram. It has been informed by the trust that opinion has been sought from the scholars for Pran Pratishtha. A decision was also taken on making the idol of Ramlala, for which the sculptors have reached Ayodhya.

In this meeting, Trust Treasurer Govinddev Giri was also present through video conferencing along with General Secretary of Ram Mandir Trust, Champat Rai, Udupi Peethadhishwar Vishwa Tirtha Prasannacharya, Kameshwar Chaupal, Ayodhya King Vimalendra Mohan Mishra, Dr. Anil Mishra, Nirmohi Akhara’s Mahant Dinendra Das. are.

The idol will be consecrated in January 2024

Peethadhishwar Vishwa Teertha Prasannacharya of Udupi Pejawar Math, a prominent member of Ram Mandir Trust, said that satisfactory work is going on and the work of molding the roof of the temple will be completed by June. he/she told that the date is being discussed with astrologer scholars to get the Lord’s life consecration done in the temple in January 2024 as soon as Surya Uttarayan arrives. The preparations for what kind of festivities will be held during this period will be discussed in the meeting to be held in the month of May.

How will be the idol of Lord Ram

he/she told that how the idol will be made, for this all the pictures have been collected and finalized. It is told that the idol of Lord Ramlala will be of 5 years old with a sweet smile on his/her face and a bow in his/her hand in a standing posture. he/she also said that the idol will be constructed with stones brought from Karnataka’s Karkar and Higrevankote villages. Mysore’s sculptor Arun Yogiraj has reached Ayodhya to make the idol.

Arvind’s news from Ayodhya

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