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Ram Charan has traveled with his/her wife to these 4 great countries of the world, it is not in the control of a common man to go here

South industry superstar Ram Charan has turned 38 today i.e. on March 27. As you all know, the song ‘Naatu-Naatu’ from Ram Charan and Junior NTR’s film RRR has been awarded with the Oscar Award. Every artist dreams of what Ram Charan has done at such a young age.
Apart from acting, if we talk about his/her personal life, then Ram Charan also likes to travel a lot. he/she is often seen with his/her wife Upasana. Be it a wedding anniversary or a normal vacation, Ram Charan and his/her wife always choose the best location. So let’s talk about their 5 favorite destinations then what is the delay. (Photo credit: [email protected])

Anniversary of Ram Charan and Upasana in Italy

Last year, 10 years of marriage of Ram Charan and Upasana were completed, in this happiness the couple vacation Italy’s Tuscany place was chosen for. The Tuscany region in Italy is one such place, which is completely surrounded by colorful flowers. There are many historical places to visit, art museums and churches, beaches and a very beautiful countryside location from where the beauty of the whole city can be seen at the same time. If you are planning to go here, then in Tuscany city you can go to visit Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, Cortona. (All photos credit:

Ram Charan also went to visit Japan

Ram Charan also went to visit Japan

Ram Charan with his/her entire family for the promotion of his/her RRR film Japan Went. Where he/she also explored many tourist places along with many promotions. Talk about this country, then it is such a country where the crime rate is very low, with the passport here you can travel to a total of 151 countries without any visa. Be it children or adults, this place is considered the best to visit. Mount Fiji, Golden Pavilion, Disneyland, Tokyo, Tokyo Tower are some of the famous places that attract the most tourists here.

Ram Charan should visit the world’s happiest country Finland

Ram Charan should visit the world's happiest country Finland

Recently there was a report of the world’s happiest countries, in which Finland was again placed on top of the list this year. Believe it, this country is one of the happiest countries in the world. Well, why don’t couples go to such a place. Last year Ram Charan went on a vacation with his/her entire family after a break of almost 2 years and it was none other than the beautiful place of the world, Finland. This place is quite famous for its Northern Lights, as well as the snowy view of Lapland here makes one feel paradise.

Ram Charan also went to Tanzania

Ram Charan also went to Tanzania

After completing the promotion of RRR film in Japan, Ram Charan went straight to Africa with his/her family. Where he/she went to Tanzania and enjoyed a jungle safari. Ram Charan and his/her wife Upasana had explored not only Tanzania but also Kenya thoroughly. Let us tell you, African lions come in the world’s most dreaded lions, but do not be afraid, the lions here are so trendy that you can sit with them and click photos. This place is also best for your honeymoon vacation.

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