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Rakhi Sawant was about to marry him/her before Adil-Riteish, said- ‘This is a sample, he/she is a mule, that’s why…’

Rakhi Sawant Video : Rakhi Sawant and controversy are each other’s bosom companions. The other end of every step of Rakhi is definitely related to the controversy. Now the discussion is happening about his/her second marriage, which is knocking on the threshold of divorce. Do you know that before Adil and Ritesh, Rakhi was ready to marry someone else? Who was that person, let’s know?

Rakhi herself had disclosed
According to information, Rakhi Sawant gave an interview to Pop Bollywood during 2018. In this, he/she told that he/she is ready to marry Deepak Kalal. In such a situation, the question was asked to Rakhi that why did she choose Deepak Kalal only? he/she has many actors and many models too. Even after this, why did Rakhi’s heart fall for Deepak Kalal only? Rakhi gave the answer to this question in a very funny way.

Said such a thing for Deepak

Rakhi Sawant had said, ‘Deepak is a sample. This is such a mule, which will stay with me for life and serve me. I am pure before marriage and I will remain pure even after marriage. he/she has taken a vow regarding my virginity, so I will remain a virgin even after marriage.

Deepak gave such an answer that Rakhi was blown away

Deepak had responded in a strange way on Rakhi Sawant’s virgin talk. he/she had said, ‘I think it is their misunderstanding, because I am a strong man. If she says that her body is a temple, then I am that priest.

Rakhi Sawant is in controversy again
The thing to note is that Rakhi did not marry Deepak Kalal. After this he/she kept his/her Swayamvar, in which he/she tied the knot with Ritesh. However, on 13 February 2022, he/she had announced to divorce Ritesh. After this, Rakhi informed about her marriage with businessman Adil Durrani and accepted Islam. However, this relationship has also reached the verge of breaking up.

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