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Rakhi Sawant once again spoke on marriage with Adil Khan

Rakhi Sawant, who is in discussion about her personal life more than professional life, is once again making headlines. She had gone to the wedding of her special friend Mohammad Danish. Many of his/her videos have come out from there. In some she even spoke about her husband Adil Khan Durrani. he/she has told that Adil had promised to marry him/her just like that. But it was all a lie. If he/she was here, she would have caught him/her and killed him/her.

Actually, Rakhi Sawant was seen as a perfect bride in a yellow lehenga-choli. She had reached the wedding of Mohammad Danish as a baraati. Paparaji also started capturing him/her in his/her camera. Sometimes she was seen dancing and sometimes she was seen playing the drum. Overall, she appeared in all the videos as old Rakhi Sawant who is happy with herself and entertains the person in front. So.

Rakhi Sawant becomes a bride again and again

When the procession reached the venue. When Rakhi sat down, paparazzi surrounded her and started asking about Adil Khan. On this Rakhi said, ‘Adil had promised us a lot that one day he/she would marry us like this. But now she is in her in-laws house. And Adil used to lie about everything. All the promises were made false. That’s why I come as a bride in every marriage. Wherever I go for weddings, I go as a bride like this. Don’t know, maybe a good groom will be found there. Well we will never get married now.

Rakhi beats Adil by holding him/her

After this Rakhi is asked how much she is missing Adil today? On this Rakhi says, ‘If Adil had been here, we would have caught hold of him/her and killed him/her. For one, such a marriage did not take place. If we had to leave one day, we would have left after getting married like this. Tell me you got married secretly.

Rakhi Sawant New Video: Rakhi’s new video surfaced, it will be fun to watch

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