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Rakhi Sawant is ‘Drama Queen’ and ‘Drama King’, Adil denied marriage earlier, now said about miscarriage – ‘This is fake news’

Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant, popularly known as Bollywood’s ‘Drama Queen’, is once again in the limelight. A few days ago, Rakhi shared the news of her nikah and name change with her fans. He also shared pictures and videos of his marriage on social media. But, her boyfriend Adil Durrani flatly denied the news of marriage. However, later somehow he also accepted the matter of marriage. An interview of both of them also came to the fore, in which both of them said that after getting a call from Salman Khan, Adil accepted the marriage. After Adil’s confession, Rakhi gave the fans the good news of her pregnancy (Rakhi Sawant Pregnancy) and now the news of her miscarriage has come, which has saddened the fans.

Now a twist has come in the news of Rakhi’s miscarriage. Yes, the shocking statement of her husband has come on the news of Rakhi’s miscarriage. Adil has called this news completely fake. Adil says that the news of Rakhi’s miscarriage is completely false, there is nothing like that. The wrong news of her miscarriage is being spread. Adil shared the photo of his and Rakhi’s marriage on social media and wrote- ‘Fake news, I request everyone not to publish such false news.’

Along with this, Adil has made another shocking disclosure. Sharing a video, Rakhi’s husband told that neither Rakhi was ever pregnant nor did she have a miscarriage. Rakhi’s fans are very disappointed after this revelation of Adil. Because, Rakhi told in a conversation with celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani that she is pregnant. Rakhi told Viral over the phone that she was pregnant.

Adil has reacted to the news of Rakhi’s miscarriage. (Photo courtesy: Instagram: @iamadilkhandurrani)

Rakhi said- ‘Yes brother, this is true. I was pregnant. I announced my pregnancy in Bigg Boss Marathi as well. But people thought I was joking. No one even took my words seriously. Along with this, Rakhi also told that she has had a miscarriage. On the other hand, Adil has something else to say. According to Adil, neither Rakhi was ever pregnant nor did she have a miscarriage. In such a situation, social media users are reprimanding Adil and are also making various allegations against him.

Let me tell you, recently Rakhi Sawant had announced that she has married her boyfriend Adil Durrani. He also shared pictures of his marriage on social media and said that his family is pressurizing Adil, that’s why Adil is refusing to marry and has stopped talking to him.

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