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Rajesh Khanna did not want to do memorable film of his/her life, got upset while running, people said ‘greedy’

Mumbai: Rajesh Khanna also had to bear the brunt of becoming a superstar. Rajesh was getting tired of doing films continuously. Those who did not know, they used to think that Rajesh is disorganized and greedy, so he/she is signing films at wholesale rates. Amidst tremendous busyness, veteran filmmaker Hrishikesh Mukherjee cast him/her for the film ‘Anand’. According to his/her habit, Rajesh could not refuse them.

Hrishikesh Mukherjee had talked to some famous actors of that era about the lead role of ‘Anand’, but in the end the decision was made in favor of Rajesh Khanna. Rishikesh, known for his/her discipline, wanted to complete the shooting of the film as soon as possible, but Rajesh did not even have time to read the script. he/she was busy working like a machine. Due to excessive work, he/she started living restless.

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Rajesh was getting upset under the pressure of work
In an interview, Rajesh Khanna had told, ‘No one knows this thing but the shooting of ‘Anand’ took place in the busiest phase of my career. I was getting very upset under the pressure of more work. My throat was sore while telling people that I cannot sign new films. But nobody cared. No one listened to me. Now I had films by the kilo, but no dates. I was even accused of overworking and being greedy. I was not like that. My problem was that I did not know how to say no. The more letters from fans I used to get, the more confused I used to get. It is a strange thing, but the struggle of an actor starts after his/her success, because the expectations from him/her increase a lot.

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Rajesh was breathing life into ‘Anand’ while running
Actor Ramesh Dev of the film ‘Anand’ told, ‘During the shooting, Rajesh Khanna could not remember the lyrics of the song, so a prompter used to make him/her sit to remember the lyrics. he/she used to listen to every line and then move his/her lips. It is hard to believe that working day and night, running from one set to another, Rajesh Khanna was breathing life into his/her most memorable character. (This information has been taken from author Yasir Usman’s book ‘Kuch to log kahenge’.)

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