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Rajat Sharma’s Blog: Why Amritpal is not getting the support of the people of Punjab?

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Presswire18 Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma

Hardline Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh, who has been on the run for the last 10 days, fled again in a car on the Phagwara-Hoshiarpur road on Wednesday. The Punjab Police has laid a trap to nab him/her and drones are also being used to trace him/her. On Wednesday, Amritpal released a video calling upon ‘Sikh Sangat’ to join ‘Sarbat Khalsa’. Amritpal claimed that he/she had not been arrested and said, ‘Nothing can harm me.’ The date and location of the video could not be ascertained, but it was found that the video was broadcast from three IP addresses in Canada, UK and Dubai. There were reports that Amritpal may surrender on Wednesday at any major gurdwara, including the Golden Temple. There was heavy deployment of police but the fugitive was nowhere to be seen. Four things are absolutely clear about Amritpal. One, he/she has an idea that he/she will not be able to escape from the police for much longer, that’s why he/she released his/her video. Secondly, the fear of the police was clearly visible on Amritpal’s face, the day the police came to arrest him/her for the first time. his/her panicked saying ‘police aa gayi, police aa gayi’, was showing how scared he/she was of being arrested. Amritpal’s new video is also to dispel the impression that he/she is a coward, that’s why he/she is saying that he/she is not afraid of getting arrested, no one can even braid his/her hair. The third thing is that Amritpal survived for so many days because there are many people supporting him/her in the system of Punjab, he/she kept on changing his/her appearance, he/she kept on changing vehicles, he/she kept getting places to hide, he/she kept getting information, without the support of the system K is not possible. The fourth thing is that Amritpal and his/her users are worried that there was no specific reaction to the police action in Punjab, that is why Amritpal is trying to provoke people in his/her videos, in the name of religion, in the name of community. Trying to provoke people, but I think the people of Punjab have seen all this many times. Now people want to live peacefully. That’s why Amritpal’s intentions will fail. The problem is with those people who take names of people like Amritpal in order to make their politics shine. They instigate people by taking the guise of religion. I would appreciate Bhagwant Mann that he/she is not afraid to take action against Amritpal and his/her associates. The Chief Minister of Punjab along with the Central Government took action. When the Jathedar of Akal Takht tried to support Amritpal’s companions, Bhagwant Mann gave a befitting reply to the Jathedar. This is important because in the beginning this impression was created that the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab supports the Khalistanis from behind the scenes. It was also said that this party has relations with the militants sitting in Canada, but Bhagwant Mann proved this impression wrong. Leaders like Captain Amarinder Singh used to think that Punjab is a border state, a sensitive area. Bhagwant Mann will not be able to handle it. But I would say that Bhagwant Mann showed tremendous courage, even though he/she may not have the experience of running the government, but when the opportunity came to fight the enemies of the country for the first time, he/she did not back down. I am sure that Bhagwant Mann will not come under any pressure in future and will teach a lesson to the enemies of Punjab.

Criminals trembling with fear in UP

While UP criminal don Atiq Ahmed has been kept in Sabarmati Jail, his/her brother Ashraf, acquitted in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case, has been taken to Bareilly Jail. In an interview, Ashraf said, a senior UP police officer in Prayagraj told him/her that he/she would be killed in two weeks, when he/she was taken out of jail again. he/she didn’t name the officer, but he/she seemed scared. Ashraf was using words like ‘Chief Minister’ and was pleading with UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to save him/her. Ashraf said, she is in jail for the last three years, Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen wanted to contest the mayoral election, but she got trapped and went underground. The interview clearly shows how scared the big criminals of UP are now of the law. It is really sad that people who are involved in murder, extortion, land grabbing claim that they are not criminals but legislators. Ashraf’s words that ‘my brother has been an MP and an MLA, and I was also an MLA’, are a black spot on our political system. This amounts to misusing the political brotherhood. This is a result of mistakes made in the past by political parties who took help of criminals in search of votes and power. Now the time has come that all political parties should stay away from criminals and mafia.

Will Yeddyurappa lead the BJP in Karnataka?

When the BJP started preparing for the assembly elections in Karnataka last year, it took two important steps. One, veteran leader BS Yeddyurappa was sidelined and Basavaraj Bommai was given the responsibility to lead the campaign. Second, the wearing of ‘hijab’ by Muslim girls was made an issue and an attempt was made to highlight the Hindutva agenda. When the election dates for the Karnataka Assembly were announced on Wednesday, the BJP seems to have changed its stand on both the fronts. Bommai remains chief minister, but Yeddyurappa is tasked with leading the BJP to retain power. Yeddyurappa has played his/her political innings and he/she wants to establish his/her son in Karnataka politics. It seems that the BJP leadership has accepted Yeddyurappa’s condition. Second, Hindutva and ‘hijab’ are no longer burning issues in Karnataka, and reservation policy has come to the center stage. BJP has made a big bet by removing reservation for Muslims and increasing reservation quota for Vokkaliga and Lingayat communities. On the other hand, the Congress is facing the same problem it faced earlier. There are more leaders in the party and fewer workers. In the past too, the tussle for the chief minister’s post has sunk the party. The Congress has decided not to project anyone as its chief ministerial candidate this time.

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