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Rajasthan Elections 2023: Efforts to strengthen the hand of Congress! Hundreds of IOC members reached Rajasthan for elections

Jaipur : Congress is busy campaigning for the Rajasthan Assembly elections. In such a situation, along with senior Congress leaders, IOC members have also arrived. Hundreds of Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) members have come to Rajasthan in the last two weeks. Voting for the assembly elections is on 25th November. In such a situation, he is busy campaigning on a large scale for the second consecutive term of the Ashok Gehlot led government. However, now the campaign is ending on Thursday evening. It remains to be seen how much this election campaign of Congress will benefit the party.

Entry of foreign members in Congress campaign

IOC Secretary Virendra Vashishtha, who is campaigning with NRIs in the state, revealed his planning. He said that during the last two weeks, hundreds of NRIs have returned to Rajasthan to take part in the election campaign. He is also participating in the party’s campaign by going door-to-door. The achievements of the Congress government were also counted by going door to door.

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Virendra Vashishtha told the complete plan

Virendra Vashishtha said that the NRIs themselves have returned to their home state to highlight the actions of the Congress government in the desert state. The IOC leader said the non-residents are highlighting how the Congress government has fulfilled the 10 promises made in 2018 and how the seven guarantees will help them again. He said that members of the IOC family have conducted massive campaigns in Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner, Udaipur and many other districts of the state.

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Will Congress get benefit?

The IOC Secretary said that he is meeting the business community and conveying the work of the Congress government to them. Voting for the 200-member assembly is scheduled for November 25 and counting of votes will take place on December 3. The Congress is eyeing a second consecutive term in the desert state, which has seen a tradition of alternate party governments for the last three decades.

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