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Sunday, July 14th, 2024

Rajasthan Budget 2024: 5 lakh jobs will be created… 8 big announcements of Rajasthan government for education and employment

Budget announcements for jobs and education in Rajasthan: Rajasthan’s Finance Minister Diya Kumari has presented the new budget of the state. This is the first full budget of the Bhajanlal government. This budget has many gifts for students and youth. Apart from giving lakhs of jobs, a budget of crores has been announced to build new ITI and schools as well as to promote entrepreneurship among the youth. Know here 8 big announcements of the Rajasthan government regarding education and employment.

  1. Job openings: The Finance Minister said that 1650 jobs will be created in roadways. 4 lakh jobs will be created in the next 5 years. Out of these, 1 lakh jobs will be created this year itself. More than 9 thousand new jobs will be created in the police department as well. 5500 new posts will be created in the police department.
  2. Free tablets to students: Students securing good marks in class 8th, 10th and 12th will get free tablet and internet facility.
  3. New ITI: 20 new ITI will also be opened in Rajasthan. These ITI will be in Bandikui, Dausa, Marwar Junction and Pali. The government will also provide training to the youth to learn skills.
  4. Announcement regarding new schools: 40 new primary schools will open in Rajasthan. 100 schools will be made better. New subjects will be taught in 100 schools.
  5. Crores of rupees for business idea: The government will give Rs 25 crore to start a new business. Rs 20 crore will be given to work on new business ideas in colleges.
  6. Wi-Fi and Library Facility in Cities: Library and Wi-Fi facilities will be provided in cities with Rs 150 crore.
  7. Mess Allowance for Hostel Staying Students: A new policy will be made for the youth in the year 2024. Students living in hostels will now get a mess allowance of Rs 3000. Earlier it was Rs 2500. Players will now get a mess allowance of Rs 4000.
  8. The Vice Chancellor of the University will be called the Chancellor: From now onwards the Vice Chancellors of the universities will be called ‘Kulguru’. The Rajasthan government has taken this decision.

The first full budget presented by the Bhajan Lal government in the Rajasthan Assembly on July 10, 2024 is of Rs 4.90 lakh crore, which was presented by Finance Minister Diya Kumari. In this, special attention has been given to youth, students and women.

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