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Railway Knowledge: What is the difference between Central, Terminus and Junction, where is India’s biggest junction, you will be surprised to know


Railway stations are classified on the basis of their function.
Central stations are the busiest railway stations in the city.
These are bigger than other stations and the facilities here are also more.

New Delhi. The bigger the Indian Railways organization, the more are the questions related to it. Railway is related to our everyday life, so there is a lot of curiosity in people’s mind to know its facts. There are many such questions for which we and you keep searching for answers. One of those questions, or u say a mix of the three questions. After all, why are Central, Junction and Terminal written in front of the names of stations. Even those stations are similar in appearance to other stations.

Some trains stop there and some don’t, then why were they given these different names. Today you will get answers to all these questions here. Stations are divided into categories on the basis of their work and specialty. These categories are terminal or terminus, junction and central. First of all let’s talk about the terminal.

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What are terminals / terminus
Mumbai’s Chatrapki Shivaji Terminus or Kolkata’s Howrah Terminal are examples of this. These are the stations where the train journey ends. Terminus means to be terminated. That means the train will not be able to go beyond that. If you have ever landed on a terminus, then you must have seen that there the tracks are closed in a way. In front of it, either a wall would have been built or the station itself would have been built.

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Such stations from where 2 or more routes originate. For example, many different routes emerge from Mughalsarai Junction. Similarly, trains leave for many places from Delhi Junction as well. Mathura is the biggest junction of India. 7 routes emerge from here. After this, 6 routes emerge from Salem Junction.

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Central Railway Station
It is considered the most important railway station of the city. There is a lot of movement of trains here and these are very busy railway stations. They are also more convenient and bigger than other stations. Trains from big cities of the country arrive at these stations. Mumbai Central or Kanpur Central is an example of this.

Special mention
Sometimes cant is also placed in front of the name of the stations. This means that there is an army cantonment in that city. Like Ambala Cantt, Agra Cantt, Allahabad Cantt and Ajmer Cantt etc.

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