Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Rafale: Turkey is no longer well, Greece gets Rafale jet, which is a big welcome for ‘arms worship’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is showing his eyes to Greece on the strength of US-made F-16 and Russian-made S-400, will now get a befitting reply. Greece has received state-of-the-art Rafale aircraft equipped with devastation missiles and bombs manufactured in France. When these fourth generation fighter aircraft reached Tangara Air Force Base, adjacent to the Greek capital Athens, they were greeted with ‘arms worship’. Earlier, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had also welcomed India’s Rafale aircraft with weapon worship, about which there was a lot of controversy.

When the Rafale planes received by Greece landed at the Air Force Base, the priest welcomed the planes and their pilots with their blessings. Experts say that with the arrival of Rafale planes, the power of Greece to defend its borders has increased manifold. These aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art and powerful weapons that were not seen till now in this area.
Oil-Gas game: France plunged into Turkey-Greece tension, war like situation in Mediterranean Sea
State-of-the-art surveillance capability in Rafale aircraft
“These Rafale aircraft have state-of-the-art surveillance capabilities that can detect thermal signatures of another aircraft for up to 100 km with the help of their state-of-the-art cameras,” said Konstantinos Givas, a weapons teacher at the Hellenic Army Academy. He said, ‘Aside from the radar, it does not allow the enemy to even realize that he has been seen by the pilot of Rafale. This is because Rafale cameras do not emit beams.

Givas says, ‘The most important thing is that all these aircraft are coming with the Meteor air-to-air missile, which is currently considered the best missile in the weapons arsenal of Western countries. It has an official range of 120 km but it is believed that this missile can hit targets up to 150 km. These 6 Rafale aircraft can demonstrate tremendous power without giving any idea to the enemy.

Tensions between Greece and Turkey over energy resources

Indeed, tensions are going on between Greece and Turkey over the possession of energy resources in the Mediterranean Sea. In this dispute, France has openly supported Greece. These Rafale aircraft are also part of France’s aid. On the other hand, Turkey said that by deploying the army in this area, France would only increase the tension. In fact, Turkey’s marine oil exploration ship Oruk Reis was carrying out research activity near the Greek island of Kastelorizo ​​recently. Greece claims that Turkish ships are operating in its waters. Whereas, Turkey has denied Greece’s claim and claimed that maritime part as its own. There is tension between the two sides regarding this.


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