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Prove your intelligence by finding 5 differences in 2 similar pictures, the challenge is not easy, try this funny puzzle

The hidden challenges in the pictures will remind you of your childhood riddles. However, the puzzle not only confuses you, but also tests your sharp mind. Whether you want to find hidden things in pictures or you want to know the difference between two similar pictures. All require strong observation skills and patience. That’s why even after hard work, you keep trying to find the hidden difference in the pictures and finally success is achieved only by those who do not give up fighting.

There are 5 differences between two identical optical illusion pictures. The one who finds it in 20 seconds will be called a genius. There are some differences in the picture of the girl sitting with the rabbit, which you will not understand at all in a couple of attempts. The riddle of the image may perplex you.

Find 5 differences in two identical pictures
It can be very fun to solve this puzzle hidden in the pictures telling the difference between the two pictures, but you will also have to prove your intelligence by telling the difference which is not easy. This is a very sensible game, by which people in the city first consider it as a children’s game, in fact, it shocks even the elders. You will have to tell five differences in the pictures within 20 seconds, if you fail to do so, then your intelligence will be questioned.

Only the one who completes the challenge within 20 seconds will be called a genius.

It is difficult to solve the puzzle that reminds of childhood
The people who found the five differences between the pictures really deserve to be called intelligent. But those who have been trying till now and have been annoyed, we will tell them the difference. First of all, see the eyes of the rabbit in both the pictures, which are separated from each other. After that the difference will be seen on the scattered hair on the hands of the girl and on the collar of the dress. If you have not been able to see the remaining two differences, then look at the pencil kept on the left side of the study table. In one picture the pencil is red and in the other it is green. Among the many books kept on the table, notice the dark blue colored book in which a golden strip is missing. Hope now you will not have any confusion in the difference between the two pictures, yet you can take a look at the picture shown above.

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