Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

‘Protect Muslims’, CM Mamata Banerjee appeals to Hindus

West Bengal Violence: After the violence on Ram Navami in West Bengal in the past, in view of the apprehension of violence on Hanuman Jayanti, the state’s CM Mamata Banerjee appealed to the people to maintain peace. During this, he/she appealed to the Hindus of the state to protect the Muslims.

She said, I want to appeal to the Hindus of the state to protect the Muslims living in the state. he/she said, he/she should avoid any kind of violence in the coming days. This statement of the CM has come after the criticism of the High Court of Calcutta. Reprimanding the Mamta government, the High Court had directed to maintain law and order at any cost.

What did CM Mamta Banerjee say?
On the eve of Hanuman Jayanti, the state’s CM Mamta appealed to the people and said, tomorrow is Hanuman Jayanti, I urge all parties to celebrate it peacefully, if peace is maintained then there will be no problem. Bengal is the land of peace. There is no place for communal violence here.

Processions did not take place where section 144 was imposed
The Calcutta High Court while giving instructions to CM Mamta said, there should not be any procession in the areas where Section 144 is imposed in the state, if the state government is not able to handle the law and order there, then steps will be taken to handle the situation. Military force should be deployed.

Assured to take strict action against the rioters
Earlier, while addressing a public meeting, the CM had said that during the procession on the day of Ram Navami, any miscreant who commits violence will not be allowed to escape. he/she said, BJP wants to incite violence in the state but it will not let them succeed in this plan. Action will be taken against whoever riots.

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