Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

Prosperous countries in terms of PM per capita – Presswire18

Alok Puranik

One is per capita income, and one is per capita PM. India is not at the top in terms of per capita income, but India can be considered at the top in terms of per capita PM. Half a dozen potential PMs are roaming around in India right now. It is expected that around a hundred potential PMs will walk before the Lok Sabha elections. The leader who does not have twenty-five MPs at present is also roaming around with the courage to become the PM. Democracy gives courage to dream.

There is a possible PM in Bengal. There is a possible PM in Delhi. There is a possible PM in Maharashtra. There is a nagging dream of PM from Telangana also. Bihar’s Nitish Kumar has been PM material since who knows. UP’s Akhilesh Yadav’s claim on PMship becomes natural, he is such an important leader of such an important state. India is a rich country in terms of per capita PM.

Pakistan was formed long ago, if it had not been separated, the per capita PM would have been in thousands in India. There are many PMs there, PMs from jail, PMs from Britain, PMs from Dubai, PMs are PMs. The route to become PM in Pakistan is different, there the public does not have to convince us to make us the PM, if the army agrees, then anyone can become the PM there. The country is in the hands of the army, the army is in the hands of terrorists and the people are in the hands of Allah.

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Well, politics is a very dangerous business. Many MPs in Madhya Pradesh have been told to contest the legislative elections. Understand it like this, the Superintendent of Police of a city is asked to go and take charge of that police station. Politics is a business of risks and expectations. Leaders who could not become Chief Minister on their own are making efforts to become PM.

If there was a business show room, then the scene would have been something like this that when a customer came to the show room, it would have been found that about six managers were fighting over whether I should be considered the chief and the entire show room would run under me. There is no alliance visible in the India alliance, however, India is intact and will remain intact.

The leaders of the India alliance are fighting with each other. A leader of the alliance said that we are united at the national level, we have fights with each other at the state level. This is also amazing. When the train will run from Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee’s party leaders and Adhir Ranjan Choudhary will be fighting among themselves, but when the train will reach Delhi station, both of them will take dazzling photos.

Such unity can last only for a photo.

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