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Property: What is carpet, built-up and super built-up area, if you do not know then you can be cheated

Photo: File Carpet, built-up and super built-up area

Property: It is the dream of every common man to buy at least one house of his own in life. Due to this dream of the common man, the business of real estate is also flourishing. A house is a big deal, so you need to know every little detail. Usually when we buy a house, we ask how big the house is. For the size of the house, you have to come across terms like carpet area, built-up area and super built-up area.

Most of the people have very little understanding in this regard. This is the reason why builders and property dealers often take advantage of this ignorance of people. The price of the house is fixed on per square feet. If the size of the house is less and you are told more then you are bound to get cheated. That’s why it is necessary that you must tie these three words related to the property. Let us tell you that now it is illegal to sell property on the basis of super built-up area. Now only carpet area is considered appropriate to define area.

India Tv will tell you what are carpet, built up and super built up areas and how they differ from each other.

carpet area

Carpet area is actually the area that you actually use. In simple words, the area of ​​the room in which you can lay the carpet is the carpet area. It is also called Net Usable Area (NUA). This includes your living dining room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It does not include the thickness of the walls. Apart from this, your balcony and terrace are also not included.

built-up area

If you understand the built up area easily, then know that carpet area is usually 60-70 percent of the super built-up area. This includes items that are removed from the carpet area. That is, it includes carpet area, thickness of walls, balcony, roof and corridor.

super built-up area

Since you live in a housing society, you use a lot of common areas. This is called super built up area. It is also called salable area. It covers a certain proportion of your built-up area as well as all common areas including lifts, corridors, club houses etc.

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