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Property Brokers Never Give These 5 Important Information, Know Yourself Before Booking a Flat

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Property Broker We all take help from us in buying flat, shop or office space. This is because the complexity of property purchase is not possible without a broker. Because of this, most of the people take the help of the broker. But often these brokers do not give complete or correct information about the property to the buyer. In many cases, instead of showing the right path, brokers do the work of misleading the buyers. Therefore, the buyer needs to be more sensible and cautious while buying a property. Many times buyers feel cheated after making a property deal due to lack of proper information. Let’s know such things that brokers often hide from buyers.

1. Builder Buyer Agreement

The details of builder-buyer agreement are usually not disclosed by the broker to the buyer. What are the terms and conditions put in by the builder in this agreement? What are the rights of the buyer, many such things are hidden from the broker buyers. Therefore, before buying a property, the terms and conditions of the deal should be understood by meeting a lawyer.

2. Know the exact time of possession

The most important question for the home buyer is when will he get the possession of the project in which he is booking the flat. Non-completion of construction on time and delay in possession are the major problems of the reality market. While selling a property, builders and brokers make promises of early completion of construction and providing all facilities, whereas in reality very few people live up to these promises. Builders give various reasons for not giving possession on time. Therefore, it is important to check the builder’s record before investing. Information should be taken from the people living in his old project about this.

3. Difference Between Sample Flat and Reality

Builders prepare attractive sample flats to attract buyers. Whereas sometimes there is a big difference between the construction quality and interior of the sample flat and the flat sold. The wall thickness is thinner than that of the real flat to make the sample flat appear spacey. The sample flat is partitioned with glass, the furniture is small, giving it a spacious look. So don’t trust the sample flat blindly.

4. Original owner information

Many times in the property market, the real owner is someone else while his bargaining or marketing is done by another person or company. Brokers hide correct information about this also. Therefore, it is important to meet the real owner before finalizing the property deal. Sometimes multiple commission agents or brokers keep looking for buyers for the same property. Hence, it is advisable to approach the real owner of the property in terms of negotiating the price.

5. Construction Quality

The broker will never inform you about the construction quality of any project. You will have to collect this information yourself. You can gather this information from the builder’s old project. At the same time, if the project in which you are going to buy the house is ready to move, then you can gather information about the construction quality from the people living in that project.

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