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Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Priyanka Gandhi’s election debut, is this a sign of getting a big responsibility?

New Delhi : Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into electoral politics has been formally announced. The thing that was most awaited in the Congress for the last ten years was formally announced on Monday. But there was a little twist in it. She will start her electoral campaign from the South. Actually, this decision is being considered as a part of the party’s well thought out strategy. A senior party leader said that when Rahul Gandhi filed his/her nomination from Rae Bareli, it was decided that if Rahul Gandhi wins from both the seats, then Priyanka will contest from Wayanad.Reasons why Priyanka chose Wayanad and Rahul chose Raebareli
There are two important reasons behind this. If Rahul Gandhi had left the Rae Bareli seat, it would not have sent a better message from the state where the party has performed well recently. Also, the party did not want to leave the state where the party got people’s support both in 2019 and 2024. The party feels that it can perform better there in the assembly elections to be held in the next two years. Also, the South has proved to be a stronghold of Congress. This is the reason that after Rahul Gandhi left the seat, it was not only a political option but also a political compulsion for the party to field a candidate from the Gandhi family.

Priyanka has become the X factor of Congress
Priyanka Gandhi, who has been working as the general secretary of Congress for the last few years, has become the star campaigner of the party. The demand for her rallies in the elections has started increasing rapidly in the states. Congress got the benefit of aggressive campaigning in Telangana, Himachal Pradesh and Karnataka. Since then, the party has believed that not only is Priyanka Gandhi connecting with the common people, but the benefit of her campaigning is that she communicates better with the women voters. The party feels that Priyanka Gandhi is becoming more effective as a woman to attract women. Priyanka is a naturally better speaker. Also, in the last few years, Priyanka Gandhi also became the one who handles crisis management within the party. On many occasions, she intervened and fixed things. But despite this, her staying away from electoral politics raised many questions.

Although Priyanka Gandhi was given the responsibility of the party in Uttar Pradesh in 2022, but the party could not do anything special then. But the party said that the ground preparation done in that election is now yielding benefits. Recently, in her interview with NBT, when she was asked about her future role, she said that whatever role the party decides for me, I will play it with full dedication. This indicated that she is ready to enter electoral politics as well.

And greater responsibility awaits
According to sources, if Priyanka Gandhi wins from Wayanad, then an important responsibility is waiting for her in the party. According to sources, she can be given important responsibility related to organization and election management within the party. The top leaders of the party have already received indication of this.

Rahul will enter the Hindi belt

According to sources, Rahul Gandhi will now come forward to strengthen the party especially in the Hindi belt. For this, apart from Uttar Pradesh, he/she will focus on states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh. The party feels that if Congress has to perform better in 2029, then it will have to increase its seats here. Also, the fort in the South will have to be saved. In such a situation, it is possible that both Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi work on a special strategy.

so there was a delay
There are many reasons cited for Priyanka Gandhi’s late entry into the electoral fray. But according to party sources, this decision was to be taken only by the Gandhi family. It is also said that Priyanka’s husband Robert Vadra has been accused of corruption, so Priyanka Gandhi did not express her desire to contest the elections in a hurry.

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