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‘Princess Diana… I ran under the Mercedes seat but’, 25 years later, the French doctor still remembers that wretched night

Paris25 years after the death of Princess Diana in a car accident, French doctor Frédéric Malys, when he remembers this incident, wonders if he could have saved Diana. Malys was one of the few people who saw her alive in the last moments during the tragedy of Princess Diana in the Alma Tunnel in Paris on August 31, 1997. When they saw a woman lying unconscious in a mutilated Mercedes car and feeling difficulty in breathing. According to Malise, who was returning home from a party during that time, ‘I think my name will always be associated with this horrific incident. I consider myself a little bit responsible for his last moments.

dead people in the car
Diana’s fans in Britain and around the world are remembering her on her 25th death anniversary. On this occasion, Malys remembered those wretched moments. He says, ‘I went towards the crashed car. I opened the door and looked inside. There were four people. Two seemed to be dead, from whose side there was no movement and they were not even breathing. The other two were alive but in a critical condition. He said, ‘The person sitting in front was screaming, he was breathing. At the same time, a woman was on her knees below the seat in the Mercedes and her head was down. He was having difficulty in breathing. He needed immediate help.

could not recognize diana

Doctor Malys ran to his car and brought a ‘respiratory bag’ to help him breathe. He also called emergency services. He said, ‘She was unconscious. There was some movement in her because of my ‘respiratory bag’, but she could not say anything.’ Doctor Mollys later learned to the rest of the world that the woman he tried to treat had died at the last minute, and that she was Princess Diana, an important British figure who had millions of fans. He said, ‘I know it’s surprising, but I didn’t recognize Princess Diana. I was helping him in the back seat of the car. I saw that she was very beautiful, but my focus was on saving her life. I didn’t have time to think about who that woman was.

many questions to myself

After some time the lights of the cameras started appearing, journalists started gathering there. An officer discovered that Diana’s journalist, Henri Paul, was intoxicated and was driving the car at high speed to avoid the following photographers. “It was a shock to find out that she was Princess Diana and she had died,” said Malys. Did I do my job properly?’

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