Sunday, May 28th, 2023

Prince Harry Virginity: Prince Harry lost his virginity at the age of 17, had ‘abusive’ sex with a woman older than him, revealed

London : Prince Harry, who has split from Britain’s royal family, has revealed he lost his virginity at the age of 17 to a woman in a field behind a pub. That woman loved horses very much. Harry termed his first sex experience of life as ‘Inglorious Episode’ i.e. ‘humiliating’. Harry has revealed that he has used cocaine, cannabis, magic mushrooms and used ‘laughing gas’ while Meghan was in labour. Prince Harry has written his autobiography titled ‘Spare’ in which he has made many shocking revelations about his relationship with the royal family.

Even before the book came to the public, some of its stories have been leaked. A Spanish translation of the book was accidentally put on the market for sale, leading to excerpts from the book being leaked on Thursday. Although the book was soon withdrawn from the Spanish market, some copies got into the hands of the media, in which many big revelations have been made. Prince Harry has claimed in his book that he had a ‘scuffle’ with his older brother Prince William during an argument in 2019 amid strained relations over his marriage to Meghan Markle.

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story of losing virginity in book

Harry has also mentioned losing his virginity in his book. At the age of 17 he lost his virginity to a woman ‘older than him’ in a field behind a pub. He wrote that the woman was a ‘horse lover’. Harry described the incident as ‘disgraceful’ and pointed out that it was happening in the open where anyone could see them. Prince Harry also admitted to killing 25 people during his time as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.

‘The cocaine experience was not fun’

Harry also admitted to taking cocaine when he was just 17 but wrote that the experience was not ‘fun’. The book also mentions a picture of Harry in a Nazi soldier’s uniform. In fact, when Harry was 20 years old, The Sun newspaper published his picture on the front page in a Nazi soldier uniform with a large Nazi symbol. This photo of Harry was taken in 2005 at a costume party with the theme ‘Native and Colonial’.

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