Wednesday, December 6th, 2023

Preparations for world class Meher Prem Mela completed in Veerbhoomi Mahoba, Meher lovers from India and abroad will camp.

Mahoba: Preparations have been completed for the world class Meher Prem Mela to be held this time in Veerbhoomi Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh. This three-day fair will start from Tuesday. The entire area has been decorated for the fair. Avtaar Mehar Baba was a resident of Pune who left his home to serve humanity. In the year 1952, in the month of November, he stepped into Hamirpur city of Bundelkhand for the first time.

Regarding Hamirpur, situated amidst dense forests and Yamuna and Betwa rivers, Meher Baba had told the people here that this city is very beautiful where spending just a few moments gives great peace to the mind. Meher Baba stayed here for a few days and then returned. After this, he again came to Hamirpur in the month of February in the year 1954. Where a large number of people participated in his satsang. A wonderful temple of Mehar Baba has been built in the middle of the city where his idol is installed.

Mehar lover PC Nigam told that Mehar Baba was an incarnation who has followers all over the world. Told that apart from Hamirpur, Mehar Baba’s hut is still built in Maheba village of Mahoba where a fair is held every year. Mehar Baba stayed in this hut for a long time. This time, preparations for the world-class fair have been completed here. The three-day fair will start tomorrow Tuesday. In the afternoon, a procession of Mehar Baba will be taken out from Mehar Kutiya in Maheba to the tune of bandwagon. After this, there will be bhajan, kirtan and other programs for three consecutive days.

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Followers camped in Maheba regarding the world class Meher Prem Mela.
There is a hut named Meherastana in Maheba of Mahoba district which was once surrounded by dense forests. Every third year, a world class fair is held here in the memory of Mehar Baba. Pratapchandra Nigam, organizer of the world class Meher Prem Mela to be held in Maheba from tomorrow, said that this place was deserted centuries ago but after the arrival of Meher Baba, it has become a supreme abode.

Told that once upon a time ghosts used to live here but after the arrival of Mehar Baba this place has become very beautiful. Told that apart from Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, a large number of Mehr lovers have come to the world class fair from big cities of the entire country. While many Baba lovers from abroad will participate.

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