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Popular actor Shaheer Sheikh told the name of the daughter, everyone is liking it

The daughter was born on 10 September at the house of popular TV actor Shaheer Sheikh. Shaheer shared this good news with fans by sharing a photo with himself and his wife on Instagram. Along with this, Shaheer also told the name of his daughter.

Further in this article, we are not only telling you the name of Shaheer’s daughter, but will share many more cute names of baby girl with you.

Shaheer’s daughter name

On the birth of a daughter on Instagram, Shaheer wrote in his post – ‘The biggest gift of life has been received. I am very happy, need your love and best wishes. Involve in your prayer. # Anaya.

Yes, Shaheer has named his daughter Anaya. Let us now know what the name Anaya means.

Meaning of the name Anaya

The name Anaya starts with the letter ‘a’ in Hindi and ‘Á’ in English. The meaning of name Anaya is “high above”. In fact, both the name and meaning of Shaheer’s daughter are very cute.

It was about the name of Shaheer’s daughter, now if you are also thinking of such a cute name for your daughter, then definitely read the list of cute baby girl names given below.

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cute baby girl names indian

  • Shanaya: The name starts with the letter ‘S’. The meaning of name Shanaya is “popular, prestigious and the first ray of the sun”. There can be no better name than Shanaya.
  • inadvertently This baby girl name starts with the letter ‘A’. Anayat name meanings is One who is praised, One who is blessed by God and One who is excellent.

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cute baby girl names indian in hindi

  • Aradhya: You must be aware that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s daughter’s name is Aaradhya. The name Aaradhya is a very auspicious and lovely name. Aaradhya name meanings is Worshiped. The blessings of Lord Ganesha are also called Aradhya.
  • Proficiency: This name starting with the letter ‘D’ is also very cute. The name Daksha means earth and earth.

cute baby girl names

  • Lyrics : This name will also be very good for daughter. The meaning of name Geetika is “beautiful and beautiful”. You can choose a name Geetika for your lovely daughter.
  • Livelihood: You might like this name too. The name starts with the letter ‘J’. The meaning of name Jeevika is means of income. Narmada river is also known as Jeevika.
  • Happiness : This name is really cute. When a smile comes on your face with happiness, like every problem becomes small.

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