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Monday, July 22nd, 2024

Political equations in Lok Sabha changed, opposition’s attitude was seen inside and outside the House

New Delhi: After the results of the recent Lok Sabha elections, the reflection of the changed political equations in the country’s politics was clearly and strongly seen in the Lok Sabha on Monday. While the opposition, which has managed to make a place in the House with a considerable number this time, appeared alert and aggressive from the very beginning of the first day, it made it clear through its attitude that it will not show any leniency towards the government or the ruling party on the issues. The opposition, which was limited to just two benches in the 17th Lok Sabha, had now expanded to the seats of the fourth bench. The way the leaders of both the parties held their seats to make the ruling party and the opposition realize their respective strengths and strategies, was also making the strategies and intentions of both the parties clear to a large extent. It is worth noting that while the opposition appeared quite alert and vocal in the House on the first day, the ruling party appeared relatively calm and restrained. Barring one or two MPs, most of the MPs on the BJP benches appeared calm.

The first line of the opposition was special
From the ruling party, PM Modi, Union Minister Rajnath Singh, Amit Shah and Nitin Gadkari were seen on the first bench and row with PM Modi, which was somehow showing the status of ministers in the Modi government, on the other hand, from the opposition, Congress’ Rahul Gandhi, K Suresh, TMC’s Kalyan Banerjee, SP leader Akhilesh Yadav and SP MP from Faizabad (Ayodhya) Awadhesh Prasad were seen sitting on the first bench. Akhilesh Yadav was seen continuously seating Awadhesh Prasad with him/her in the House on Monday. By seating Prasad with the first line leaders, the opposition has tried to give a direct message to the ruling party. In fact, the way BJP worked on the strategy of taking credit for the Ram temple in the elections after the Ram temple consecration at the beginning of this year, after that the opposition is constantly looking at BJP’s defeat from Faizabad in the recent elections as its big victory, especially a symbolic victory. In such a situation, by seating Awadhesh Prasad in the first row, the opposition tried to underline that victory. Avdhesh Prasad has been seen as the successful face of the opposition’s joint strategy in UP, playing a big role in the BJP’s victory, not only on the symbol of BJP’s Ram temple. That is why the opposition tried to give him/her such a prominent place in the House.

The aggressive attitude of the opposition was seen on the very first day
The aggressive attitude of the opposition was visible in the opening program on the very first day, when the Protem Speaker announced the panel and told the order of oath, the opposition leaders immediately stood up and started protesting openly. The opposition was constantly accusing the government of ignoring parliamentary decorum. Not only this, the opposition clearly refused to be a part of this panel. However, signs of conflict on this issue had already started appearing, when the opposition started raising questions on the appointment of seven-time MP Bhartrihari Mahtab as Protem Speaker. On Monday, when the members of the panel were to take oath, all the three opposition members included in the panel, Congress’s K Suresh, DMK’s TR Balu and TMC’s Sudip Bandhopadhyay, refused to take oath. Not only this, Suresh and Balu walked out of the House during that time.

Two podiums arranged for oath taking
This time two podiums have been arranged for the oath taking ceremony. One has been placed on the side of the ruling party and the other on the side of the opposition. The opposition members protested against it in strong words while complaining to Mehtab who was present on the chair. The opposition said that you have divided the house itself. This is wrong. It is clear from the sharp attitude of the opposition that this time it is not only closely monitoring every step, every move and every decision of the government, but it will also oppose it in a united manner in time. The way the opposition was seen criticizing the government at some places, opposing at some places, cornering at some places and joking with the constituent parties at some places in the House on the first day, it is clear that the opposition will jointly make its strategy in the House by making proper coordination. Whether it is showing copies of the Constitution to PM Modi and Amit Shah or cornering Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on NEET or light-hearted joking with the constituent parties, everything shows the preparations of the opposition.

The opposition’s stance is tough even outside the houseInterestingly, this coordination of the opposition was seen from inside to outside the House. While the ministers of the Modi government were taking oath, the entire opposition was seen protesting outside the House in the Parliament premises with copies of the Constitution in their hands. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge and former President Sonia Gandhi were also among them. The opposition said that we will not tolerate the disregard of the Constitution. At the same time, some MPs who took oath from the ruling party took oath on Monday with copies of the Constitution in their hands. Earlier, as a sign of opposition unity, all the parties of the India Alliance had decided that on the first day, all the MPs of the alliance would enter the House together and go to the House with a copy of the Constitution in their hands.

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