Tuesday, December 5th, 2023

PM Modi’s indigenous style in Shahdol – Kodo Bhaat and Kutki’s Kheer will be eaten in Pattal

Image Source: ANI
PM reached Shahdol, will eat local food in Pattal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Madhya Pradesh today on Saturday. Here, in his/her address, he/she lashed out at the opposition parties and without naming the Congress, said that beware of those who give false guarantees. Those who do not have any guarantee of their own, what guarantee will they give to the public. he/she said that those who got involved in the scams are being seen on a stage. They have no guarantee of getting rid of terrorism. They will leave after giving a guarantee. Their guarantee means something is wrong.

PM Modi will hold talks while sitting on the cot

PM Modi reached Pakaria village of Shahdol today. Here, sitting on a cot, he/she interacted with the people of the tribal society, the sisters of the players’ self-help group under the Football Revolution. Please tell that during Shahdol of PM Modi was proposed on 27th June. But due to rain, the program was postponed at that time. People also saw the desi style of PM Modi here. Here PM Modi will enjoy food sitting on the ground with the tribal community. Food made from coarse grains has been given priority in PM Modi’s food menu.

What will PM Modi eat

PM Narendra Modi will taste three types of menu here. In these, soft drink water, millet soup, vine syrup, mango panna, roseleta leaf drink, berries, mangoes, desi dates will be eaten. Apart from this, he/she will eat red vegetable, lotus cucumber vegetable, salad, kodo rice, millet, maize bread, roasted tuar dal, Indarhar curry, munga vegetable, chaurai bhaji, amru chutney in the meal. After the meal, they will enjoy ingredients made of mahua, ragi laddoo, kutki ki kheer.

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