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PM Modi was convinced of his mother’s upbringing, told such things that tears came in his eyes

Don’t let compulsions affect your children

She was the eldest in her family and was also the eldest daughter-in-law after marriage. His family lives in Vadnagar, Gujarat and their house did not even have a window. Modi ji said that his family was very poor but the parents never let their compulsions affect their children.

Today, on the last day of Heeraben Modi, we are telling you some special things about her upbringing as a mother.

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didn’t let the flame come

Modi ji himself had accepted this in his blog that both his mother and father, despite being in poverty, did not let their struggle affect their children. He did not want his children to be affected by the compulsions and poverty he had seen.

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Told the biggest quality

Describing the biggest quality of his parents, Modi ji had said that for him, their self-respect and honesty is the biggest and perhaps they have taught the same to their children. As a mother, Heeraben Modi has also taught her children to be honest and protect their self-respect.

Modi ji says that despite facing poverty and challenges, both his mother and father never gave up on honesty and never compromised on their self-respect.

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there was only one mantra

Modi ji says about his parents that they had only one mantra to face challenges – work hard and keep working hard and trying hard. Modi ji has also learned the same from his parents.

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used to be happy in the happiness of others

PM Modi said that his mother always used to see her happiness in the happiness of others. His house was very small but his mother had a big heart.

Because of these qualities of his mother, PM Modi used to respect her a lot and has incorporated the things she taught in his life.


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