Thursday, February 29th, 2024

PM Modi had said that he/she will force Pakistan to beg, today he/she has done it.

Islamabad: Abid Ali, a citizen of Pakistan who is a big fan of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Abid often praises PM Modi fiercely in his/her every interview. Once again, in an interview given to a YouTuber, he/she has heartily appreciated PM Modi’s visit to UAE and the successful launch of India’s Chandrayaan-3. Abid is a Pakistani fan of PM Modi who wants his/her country to have such a leader. he/she has said in his/her new interview that it is clear from the way things are happening that PM Modi is definitely a world leader. he/she says that after the photo of Indian PM Modi on a building like Burj Khalifa, it proves how big his/her stature is.

Every country is a fan of Modi
Abid said that such a huge photo of PM Modi was put on Burj Khalifa, which is enough to tell how much UAE respects him/her. Abid said that the people of his/her country used to call him/her a traitor for praising Modi. But UAE, which is a Muslim country and the people there are the oldest Muslims, those people have also given such a great respect to PM Modi. Everyone calls PM Modi a staunch Hindu and an enemy of Muslims. he/she said that even though the photo of former Pakistan PM Imran Khan has also been put on Burj Khalifa, but he/she has no equal with Modi. Apart from this, countries like UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, every Muslim country have given awards to PM Modi.

Pakistan forced to beg
India is taking the world along and Pakistan is begging all the time. Abid also reminded PM Modi that he/she had once said that he/she would force Pakistan to beg. he/she has done that. According to Abid, PM Modi had understood what is the situation in Pakistan and because of this the situation is like this today. The PM of Pakistan, who is thinking of war with India, just goes to beg and everyone is cursing him/her.

wherever we go we bring technology
Abid Ali said that the country where the PM of India visits, he/she brings technology to his/her country. he/she said that the leaders of Pakistan do not have enough understanding to talk like PM Modi. he/she said that it is the result of PM Modi’s policies that the science minister who was criticizing India’s Chandrayaan-2, is tweeting praises for the launch of Chandrayaan-3 today.

Abid Ali said that if Pakistan has to come out of trouble, it is very important to change the policies. he/she said that Pakistan is feeling proud after begging for dollars. he/she said that India, which is called non-Muslim, is progressing today. It is clear that without hard work, mind, policies and love for the country, Pakistan can never progress.

Every Muslim country became a friend

Abid said that PM Modi has now become a world leader. he/she said that China and America have gone to the moon, but they have wasted a lot of dollars. But India has developed its own technology and is going to the moon at half the cost. India has kept electricity prices stable, has kept the country’s system stable and has also reached the moon. If Pakistan wanted to go to the moon, then the country would have to be sold. According to Abid Ali, every Muslim country is now a friend of PM Modi and the government of Pakistan will not like this.

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