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Pink elephant seen floating in the river, video went viral, people are fascinated by the rare sight

You must have seen all kinds of elephants and their children. You must have seen their mischief too, but have you ever seen a pink elephant. Probably not. Because pink elephants are very rare. Years ago, when such a baby elephant was seen in the jungle of Africa for just a few minutes, there was a wave of happiness in the whole world. Biologists termed it as an auspicious sign. he/she was convinced that somewhere there must be a pink elephant from which this child was born. Well it’s about then. But right now a video is going viral on YouTube. In this, a small baby elephant looking pink is trying to swim in the river. This sight is being said to be extremely rare.

This video has been shared on YouTube with the handle MALA MALA GAME RESERVE. In this you can see that a small pink elephant is trying to swim in the middle of the river. Along with him/her are three other elephants who are probably teaching him/her. First the big elephant goes into deep water and all three follow behind. When going deep, the pink elephant starts swimming by itself. The video is being told of Malavathi Open Area. Till now it has been seen about 10 thousand times; People are getting fascinated by seeing the pink elephant. However, it is not yet confirmed that it is a pink elephant.

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Such an elephant was seen 11 years ago
About 11 years ago, in the South African country of Botswana, a pink colored elephant was seen passing near the Okavango River with a herd of about 80 elephants. Ecologist Dr. Mike Chase said, ‘We have been studying elephants in this area for the last 10 years, but this is the first time we have been able to see a pink baby elephant. There is also a possibility of this child becoming blind and having skin related diseases due to the strong rays of the sun. Experts believed that it must have been an elephant of albino breed, which is very rare in the forests of Africa.

saw pink elephant for the first time
People are commenting in different ways on the video shared on YouTube. One user wrote, oh wow, elephants are so amazing. I was mesmerized to see the little pink elephant crossing the river. The current of the water was very strong, but he/she was having a lot of fun in that too. I have seen Pink Elephant for the first time. This is a rare sight. Many people have shared love filled emojis. One user wrote, I was very worried about the baby elephant. The current of the river is very fast, and it is so small. But fortunately mother was with him/her. No problem.

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