Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Photos-Videos will disappear from the chat at once, this magical feature came in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has started rolling out the ‘View Once’ feature. Photos and videos sent in this mode can be viewed only once. The sent media will disappear from the chat once the user closes the photo/video.

According to a report by WaBetaInfo, this feature is currently available for WhatsApp beta testers. It is rolling out only for Android devices. It has also shared screenshots to explain how the feature works.

photo credit- WaBetaInfo

This magical feature will work like this

  • To send a photo/video in View Once mode, a WhatsApp user has to first select the media and tap on the clock-like icon. It’ll be available near the ‘Add a caption’ bar. When the recipient opens the media, WhatsApp will notify the sender.
  • Once the media is opened, WhatsApp will display the following message to the recipient: “This photo is set for one time viewing. For more privacy, this photo will disappear after you turn it off.

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Before sharing a photo or video using View Once, it is important for you to know these things…

  • In its report, WaBetaInfo says that if a user disables read receipts for such messages, the recipient will still see whether you have opened the photo or video set for view once. However, the sender cannot see when the recipient opens the message.
  • For group chats, WhatsApp users can still see when other participants open disappearing photos, even if they have disabled read receipts.
  • If the recipient saves a photo/video or captures a screenshot/video, WhatsApp will not notify the sender as it does not have screenshot detection.
  • Blocked contacts in common groups can still open photos and videos sent with the view once feature. If a user sends a picture using view once to people who have not enabled this feature, the view once feature will still work and they can only view it once.
  • As mentioned above, this feature is available for Android users with WhatsApp version


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