Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Parliament: From today, the last week of the monsoon session in the Parliament, there is every possibility of a strong uproar in both the Houses.

Parliament (indicative picture).
Photo: ANI


The last week of the monsoon session of Parliament, which begins on Monday, is expected to be full of ruckus. On one hand, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi can return to the Parliament, on the other hand, the 12-hour debate on the no-confidence motion against the government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reply on it can also be interesting. There may be an uproar in the Rajya Sabha regarding the Delhi Services Bill.

At the beginning of the week, all eyes will be on the Lok Sabha Secretariat, where it is expected that after the Supreme Court’s order on Rahul Gandhi, there may be a review and decision on the reinstatement of his Parliament membership on Monday. If the membership is restored, the Congress may present him as the chief speaker of the opposition in the debate on the no-confidence motion going to be held on Tuesday. The Lok Sabha Business Advisory Committee has kept 12 hours for this debate. At the same time, PM Modi can keep his answer on this on Thursday.

The opposition in the Rajya Sabha has been united by the Aam Aadmi Party on the Delhi Services Bill, where there is a close contest between the NDA and the ‘India’ alliance. However, some members may tilt the balance in favor of the government by remaining neutral. This bill has been passed in the Lok Sabha on 3 August. The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022, the National Research Foundation (NRF) Bill 2023, the Pharmacy Bill 2023 and the Arbitration Bill 2023 are listed for consideration and passing in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

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