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Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s statement, ‘Country’s progress depends on Allah’

Photo: File Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar’s statement, ‘The country’s progress depends on Allah’

Pakistan Finance Minister Statement: The people of Pakistan are currently facing a deep economic crisis. The people there are not even getting bread to eat and LPG gas to make it. Inflation is at its peak. The country’s foreign exchange reserves have come to the verge of exhaustion. In such a situation, the government’s responsibility is to come forward and work to take the country on the path of progress, then the government there is making strange statements. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has said that Allah is responsible for the prosperity and development of this only country created in the name of Islam. Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Green Line train service here, Dar said he was confident of Pakistan’s progress. He said that the reason for my belief is that Pakistan was formed in the name of Islam. If Allah can make Pakistan then he can make it rich along with its progress and development.

Ishaq Dar statement country progress depends on Allah

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The people of Pakistan are not even getting bread to eat.

‘Natak’ started five years ago

The Finance Minister said that the Shahbaz Sharif-led government is trying its best to improve the situation in Pakistan. Our team is trying to rectify the situation before the elections. Holding Pakistan’s current plight responsible for the ‘drama’ that started five years ago, he said the people here are still suffering. He said that before this drama, Pakistan’s economy was in good shape during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure during 2013-17.

Ishaq Dar statement

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Nawaz accused

Nawaz accused

Pakistan was on the path of progress under Nawaz’s regime, but it was derailed. People can see the devastation the country has faced in the last five years. In the absence of foreign exchange, Pakistan is left with no currency to pay even for the purchase of essential commodities. To deal with this problem, he is looking for an economic package from several institutions including the International Monetary Fund.

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