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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Pakistani actress Hania Aamir caressed the goat, her friend got scared and asked- why do you want to eat it!

Eid-ul-Azha is one of the biggest festivals in Islam. It is also known as Bakrid, Bakra Eid and Eid-ul-Bakra. On June 17, this festival was celebrated with great pomp not only in the country but also in the neighboring country. Well-known personalities shared posts on social media. These include Pakistani actress Hania Aamir and Tajikistan’s youngest singer Abdu Rozik. On one hand, Hania is being criticized after seeing her post, while on the other hand, Abdu’s funny video is going viral, in which he/she is having a lot of trouble pulling the goat. Hania Aamir, who gained popularity in India with shows like ‘Mere Humsafar’ and ‘Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha’, shared a photo and video with a goat on Monday and wrote in the caption, ‘Morning’. She has also made a goat emoji in it. She is caressing the goat, after seeing which her friend, who is horrified, says, ‘Then why do you want to eat it!’

Badshah confirms his/her relationship with Pakistani actress Hania Aamir? This time a video-photo surfaced from Dubai
presswire18 TimesEvening drinks, long drives, shopping and closeness are fuelling dating rumours between Badshah and Hania

Indian fans got angry on Haniya

There are many comments from users on Hania’s post. One wrote, ‘Time to unfollow.’ Another commented, ‘Now this will be seen on her plate at night.’ Some fans are requesting Hania not to eat animals. Another wrote, ‘Don’t kill him/her, he/she is innocent.’

There is a rumor of dating Badshah

Haniya’s name is often linked with singer and rapper Badshah. The two spent time together a few months ago, after which their videos went viral on social media. However, the relationship has not been confirmed by either side.

Funny video of Abdu Rozi

On the other hand, a funny video of Abdu Rozik is also going viral on the internet. In this, he/she is seen with a white goat. Abdu wishes his/her fans Eid Mubarak and then starts pulling the goat, but it does not budge.

Abdu is going to get married soon

It is known that Abdu is going to get married soon. he/she had shared the engagement photo. However, till now he/she has not shown the face of his/her bride and his/her wedding which was to take place in July has also been postponed. Actually, Abdu has received an invitation to a boxing fight (Coca Cola Arena), which will be held in Dubai. Since he/she did not want to miss it, he/she decided to postpone the wedding date.

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