Monday, March 27th, 2023

Pakistan SH 15 Howitzer: Pakistan terrified of India’s ‘Vajra’, Chinese cannon joining the army, can fire nuclear bomb

Frightened by India’s Vajra cannon, the Pakistan Army has included the 155 mm SH-15 automatic cannon made in China. Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa said that this modern artillery can hit a greater distance, which will strengthen the combat preparedness of the Pakistan Army. It is being told that Pakistan has ordered 52 guns to China. This state-of-the-art cannon of China can hit up to 53 km. According to defense experts, if Pakistan is successful in making a small nuclear bomb, then it can be fired with the help of this cannon.

According to Pakistani media, the S15 cannon can be easily carried anywhere. 155 mm cannon. The windows of the vehicle carrying this cannon are bulletproof. Pakistan claims that its range is 53 km but experts tell it to 72 km. A crew of 5 people operate this cannon. This total weight is 22 tons. A machine gun can also be mounted on this cannon for self-defense. Pakistan claims that this cannon can be deployed anywhere.

Chinese state company Norinco has made a cannon
The SH-15 automatic cannon is dangerous for India because it can easily fire a small nuclear bomb. Pakistan has been trying for a long time to make small nuclear bombs. Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid has also claimed to have made small atomic bombs. It has 4 boxes in which 60 rounds of shells can be kept. This cannon has been made by the Chinese state-owned company Norinco.

China claims that this cannon has the ability to fire 6 shells in a minute. According to the report of The Print, with the help of this cannon, the Pakistani army can easily fire shells filled with nuclear bombs. It’s also easy to hide. Pakistan has been trying to make small nuclear bombs with the help of plutonium since 1984. This could be in the same way as the US has made 10 kg W-48 shells based on plutonium.

Made the smallest atomic bomb: Musharraf
Earlier, Pakistan’s dictator Pervez Musharraf had claimed to an American diplomat that Pakistan had made the smallest nuclear bomb in the year 2011. According to experts, if Pakistan fills 155 shells and fires such a nuclear bomb on India, then it can only change the map of war. Pakistan has included this Chinese cannon in the army at a time when it had included China’s J-10C fighter jet in its army just a few days ago.

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