Monday, March 27th, 2023

Pakistan Russia Relations: Ukraine does not accept Pakistani weapons… openly threatening Russia’s Shahbaz – will have a huge impact

Moscow/Islamabad: Today marks seven months since the Russo-Ukraine War began. Despite this, neither Russia is ready to give up nor Ukraine is ready to bow down. Conventional weapons of both the countries are almost on the verge of extinction. Despite this, Russia and Ukraine are continuing the war on the basis of military aid from the Allied countries. A few days ago a report claimed that apart from NATO countries, Pakistan has also supplied arms to Ukraine. Several cargo planes of the Pakistani army have been seen landing in the neighboring country of Ukraine, Romania. Now Russia has reacted strongly to these claims. Russia has said that if there is any truth in these claims, it will have a big impact on Russia-Pakistan relations.

Picture of Pakistani weapons surfaced in Ukraine
In fact, a Twitter handle named Ukraine Weapons Tracker claimed that Pakistan has supplied arms to Ukraine. Several photographs of Pakistani weapons were also released in Ukraine. Among them were 122 mm HE artillery shells made in the Pakistani Ordnance Factory. It has been claimed that Pakistan is transporting its weapons through Romania by not giving it directly to Ukraine. It is told that the deal to supply arms to Ukraine was done during the visit of Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bawaja to Britain. The airport in Romania where Pakistani ships landed is under British control.

Russia said – if the claim is true then there will be a big impact
Now Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov said that if such weapons are sent somewhere then it will have a big impact on the relations between Russia and Pakistan. He said that so far all are unconfirmed reports. I do not know the correct information. If this is confirmed then there is no doubt that it will affect Pakistan and our relations. This is being considered as a direct warning of Russia to Pakistan. If there was no truth in the Pakistani weapon claim, Russian diplomats would never make a statement.

Pakistan wants to increase closer with Russia
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan had taken many steps to increase closer to Russia. He had also traveled to Russia, not caring about America and Western countries. During this, an agreement was also reached to export cheap wheat and gas from Russia to Pakistan. However, Imran had alleged that due to his visit, the US had conspired to remove him from the chair of Pakistani Prime Minister. On the other hand, new Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif met US President Joe Biden within six months of becoming the Prime Minister and sprinkled salt on the burns of Imran Khan, who, far from meeting during his three-year tenure, did not even talk on the phone. could do.

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