Sunday, January 29th, 2023

Pakistan on 15 August : Happy Independence Day from Pakistan, listen to the soothing tune of ‘Jana Gana Mana…’

Islamabad : India is celebrating the 75th anniversary of its independence. Congratulating India from all over the world on this 75-year journey. There has also been a melodious greeting for India from the neighboring country of Pakistan, which is winning the hearts of the people of both the countries on the Internet. Pakistan’s rabab maestro Sial Khan posted a video in which he is seen playing the melodious tune of India’s national anthem. Rabab is a musical instrument that is extremely popular in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir. In the video, Sial is playing ‘Jana Gana Mana…’ and behind him is seen beautiful hills and greenery.

Posting the video, he wrote, ‘A gift to my viewers across the border.’ He wrote, ‘Happy Independence Day to India. I tried the national anthem of India as a symbol of friendship and goodwill for peace, tolerance and good relations between us. #IndependenceDay2022.’ The video is being shared so fast on social media that more than 10 lakh people have seen it and about 60 thousand people have liked it.

Pakistanis also became fans of the tune
People of both India and Pakistan are praising SIAL. A user from Pakistan retweeted the video and wrote, ‘A beautiful way to send Happy Independence Day greetings to your neighbors in India.’ On Monday, many countries of the world sent congratulations to India and described the achievements made in the 75-year journey as ‘amazing’. The India Day Parade was taken out for the first time on the occasion of 75 years of India’s independence in the historic city of Boston in America.
75th Independence Day: India’s sting is ringing around the world! Global leaders congratulated on 75th Independence Day, called achievements amazing
220 feet high US-India flag hoisted in America
During this, the 220 feet high US-India flag was attracting everyone’s attention. Showcasing the diversity of India and America, patriotic songs were sung at the event and thousands of people from over 30 countries participated in the India Day Parade. Federation of Indian Associations-New England President Abhishek Singh said, “The first India Day parade in Boston was a historically successful one. All credit goes to the Indian-Americans living in the city.

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