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Pakistan News: Did Nawaz Sharif poison his rival general? The death of an army chief of Pakistan is still a mystery

Islamabad: These days the discussion of Pakistan’s army and its chief is everywhere. General Asim Munir has taken over as the new chief and his name was announced by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. Shahbaz is the younger brother of the country’s former PM Nawaz Sharif. The same Nawaz who always used to take front from the army. Sometimes he clashed with Pervez Musharraf and sometimes he termed Qamar Javed Bajwa as the reason for his going to jail. In the year 1993, Nawaz was even accused of killing his own army chief. This was also mentioned by Fawad Chaudhary, who was the Science and Technology Minister in Imran Khan’s government two years ago. The death of Pakistan Army Chief General Asif Nawaz Janjua remains a mystery even today. General Janjua was an opponent of Nawaz and the relationship between the two was always strained.

exhumed corpse
On 16 August 1991, General Janjua was appointed the fourth Chief of the Pakistan Army. He died on January 8, 1993 in Rawalpindi Cantt. The death of General Janjua remains a mystery till date. When he was jogging on the treadmill in his house in the morning, he died at the same time. The cause of death was said to be a heart attack but his family got a private test done. This test was done with the hair on the hair brush of General Janjua and it was done in America. This test confirmed that General Janjua had died due to high levels of dangerous arsenic. Officers from America, Switzerland and Scotland Yard came to investigate General Janjua’s death. Nine months later, his body was exhumed from his grave at Chakri.
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Suspicion on Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz’s hair, nails and whatever was found in the viscera, especially his liver and heart, were sent to the best lab in the world for examination. However, the cause of death was a heart attack. Doctors believed that it could also be due to low or moderate levels of arsenic. His family suspected that he was poisoned as many eminent citizens had died in mysterious ways earlier also. The relationship between the then PM Nawaz and the army chief was also not good. That’s why the needle of suspicion was pointed at him as well. There was a difference of opinion between Nawaz and Janjua over the counter-insurgency operations being carried out in Karachi. Nawaz’s opponents had even said that through the death of the army chief, he would destroy the former PM as a politician.

enmity with the general
General Janjua’s wife Nuzhat even contacted the then President Ishaq Khan and Benazir Bhutto. She alleged that Nawaz Sharif’s supporters had killed her husband. Nuzhat alleged that her husband was killed due to enmity with Brigadier Imtiaz. Brigadier Imtiaz was a favorite of Nawaz Sharif in those days and was the head of the Intelligence Bureau. General of Pakistan army and this condition, took out belly in retirement parade and tiredly, why is it a matter of shame
Tension was also going on with the PM regarding Janjua’s ISI chief Hamid Gul. Janjua was at the time pushing for a deal with the Afghan insurgents. He was shocked to learn that Hekmatyar was consulting Corps Commander Gul in those days and refused to sign the peace accord. Nawaz Sharif believed that General Janjua does not give him the respect of the PM.

still a mystery
General Janjua then gave Gul a nominal post and made him the Chief of the Ordnance Factory at Texla. Gul refused to relinquish her post and Nawaz handed her over to the Ministry of Defence. From here the dispute between Nawaz and Janjua started. According to many people, because of this issue General Janjua had made up his mind to sack the Nawaz government from the President. Nuzhat said that her husband was given poison mixed in the food by the waiters. The mystery of General Janjua’s death remains intact even today. His death is considered more mysterious than the death of General Zia-ul-Haq.

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