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Pakistan IMF Loan: If Pakistan has to come out of the economic crisis, then the conditions will have to be accepted, otherwise the situation will be dangerous, the big statement of the head of the IMF

Islamabad: The International Security Conference is currently being organized in Munich. Now it is difficult not to mention Pakistan in such a big event. Kristalina Georgieva, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), is also present here. In an interview, he/she has told that if Pakistan has to come out of the economic crisis, then what it has to do. After independence, Pakistan is currently facing a terrible economic crisis. The Defense Minister of the country has also accepted that the country has gone bankrupt long back. All the hopes of Pakistan were pinned on the IMF. But on February 9, these hopes also came to an end when the ongoing talks on the bailout package could not reach their end.

IMF chief gave two suggestions
Kristalina has said that there is no need to restructure Pakistan’s debt. he/she just has to take some steps for the stability of the country. Kristalina has said that to come out of the economic crisis, Pakistan has to adopt only two measures, the first is to increase the tax revenue in which more tax is collected from both public and private sectors.

Kristalina believes that there is a lot of income from both these sectors. The country’s economy gets a lot of support from these sectors only. Under the second step that Kristalina has told, only those people who really need it should be exempted. According to him/her, exemption should not be given to such people who are rich and who do not need it at all. Kristalina said that the IMF wants to protect the poor people of the country.
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act like a stable country

IMF Managing Director Kristalina has appealed to the Government of Pakistan to take all the necessary steps that can be taken to work as a stable country. According to them, the country has to be prevented from reaching the point where it needs to be rebuilt. Kristalina said that the devastating floods in September 2022 have affected one-third of the country’s population. IMF is only appealing to Pakistan that it should not turn into a dangerous place.

What will the government of Pakistan do?

Pakistan has already received financial assistance from the IMF. Negotiations are currently underway with the organization to restore the loan program. The new demands put forth by the IMF could be a very contentious issue for the government as Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s finance minister Ishaq Dar has repeatedly stated that he/she intends to reduce taxes and provide subsidies to low-income earners. have to provide.

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