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Pakistan Crisis Pilots: Pilots of planes fleeing Pakistan, big fear haunting, poor country in new crisis

Islamabad: The effect of Pakistan’s great poverty is now visible in every sector. The Standing Committee on Aviation Affairs of the Pakistani Parliament was informed on Thursday that a large number of pilots have recently left the country. In fact, these pilots are afraid of a huge cut in their salary, which is going to be taken by the poor Pakistan government in the name of higher taxes. Amir Hayat, CEO of Pakistan International Airlines, a bankrupt state-run airline, told that 15 pilots have left the country recently.

Hayat said that PIA wants to recruit new pilots but is unable to get approval. The chairman of the committee, Senator Hidayatullah, said that the future of people who dream of becoming pilots may be in jeopardy. he/she appealed to the Pakistani parliamentarians to take up the entire issue of this tax with the government regulatory body. The Senate Committee was informed about the reasons for the Civil Aviation Authority not giving airspace to foreign airlines.
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Many pilots of Pakistan got fake degree

Pakistan has stopped the dollars of many foreign airline companies, so now these companies are asking Pakistani customers to buy their tickets by paying in dollars. The Senate Committee has also been told that passengers are purchasing tickets using VPNs. Due to this, they are getting tickets at a lower price than the tickets bought in Pakistan. Pakistan has increased taxes on a large scale to remove poverty. Not only this, it was also revealed in the meeting of the committee that the licenses of 141 pilots of Pakistan International Airlines are doubtful.

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Earlier it was revealed that many Pakistani pilots had obtained airline pilot’s license by paying money. After this, the flight of many pilots was banned. During this, the issue of fake degree of pilots also came up. PIA said that many pilots have been caught with fake degrees and they have been sacked. During this, it was also revealed that Pakistan’s government airline PIA has to pay dues of billions of rupees. Earlier it was revealed that the flights coming to Pakistan are going empty and the number of people leaving the country is increasing continuously. The reason for this is that among the poor, people do not see a good future in their country.

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