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Pakistan Crisis China: Is Pakistan thinking of taking advantage of China, when will Jinping help ‘younger brother’

Islamabad: The relations between China and Pakistan are not hidden from anyone. In 2015, when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan, he said that it was as if he had come to his younger brother’s house. Now his younger brother is in trouble. On one hand terrorism is raising its head and on the other hand economic problems are increasing. Amidst all this, now the experts of the economy are asking whether this friend will also not come forward to help. Political economist Shakeel Ahmed Ramey, research fellow at China’s Hebei University, has written in the Express Tribune that China can really help Pakistan in this situation?

Pakistan’s problems doubled
According to Shakeel, the world is changing rapidly and new challenges are also increasing. The situation is different in Pakistan. Here the political parties are fighting among themselves and the situation in the country has become more complicated. All they care about is power at any cost. The country’s economy is breaking the back of a common man. Politicians have worsened the situation in the country. Amidst all this, a kind of cold war is going on between the western countries and China. Because of this, the problems of Pakistan have doubled.
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How China will prove beneficial

According to Shakeel, western forces are currently taking sides of different countries but Pakistan remains an exception for them. Shakeel believes that Pakistan has become a victim of the Cold War. It is facing the brunt of being neutral in many parts and the economy is completely shattered. According to the Asian Institute of Eco-Civilization, China can help Pakistan in many ways. There are relations between China and Pakistan as brothers and these relations have been maintained for many decades. Both countries are often seen standing with each other.
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Sharif has to decide
China is currently one of the largest economies of the world. It is the largest market of 1400 million consumers. Pakistan can get direct benefit from this. China is among the largest exporters of food products. Apart from meat, soybean, sea-food, it is ahead in exporting fruits, wheat and dairy products. China’s food market can revive Pakistan’s economy. In such a situation, the politicians of Pakistan will have to think about the ways how they can work with China in this direction.
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Benefits of CPEC

Pakistan can increase foreign exchange reserves by doing this. Along with this, Pakistan can also get good quality cheap food items from China. Pakistan is home to China’s flagship project, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under BRI is the program through which the economy can change completely. Also the country can get back on track. Pakistan can use CPEC for its own purposes.

Opportunities close to Pakistan
BRI is the largest program with 149 countries as members. In such a situation, Pakistan can connect with 150 markets of the world through BRI. Shakeel believes that Pakistan will have to work together with China. For him, China is a market of opportunities that can turn the tide.

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