Saturday, September 23rd, 2023

Pakistan Biggest Family: Pakistani man did 6 marriages, gave birth to 54 children… It was difficult to feed, died of heart attack

Islamabad : On Wednesday in Pakistan, a man named Abdul Majeed died of a heart attack. The death of this person is in headlines because he has left behind a huge family. Big family means 6 wives and 54 children. Abdul, 75, was a truck driver who lived in Naushki district of Pakistan. Talking to the media, Abdul’s son Shah Wali told that his father kept driving the truck till five days before his death. Wali said that many of us are educated but we did not get employment. That’s why we could not even get the father treated properly. Our house also got damaged in the flood.

Abdul spent his entire life driving a truck. He could earn only 15 to 25 thousand Pakistani rupees in a month. Abdul Wali, 37, Abdul Wali, Abdul’s eldest son, drives a truck like his father. Abdul came into limelight during the 2017 census. In Pakistan then the census was done after 19 years. The team found that Abdul was living with 4 wives and 42 children. His 2 wives and 12 children had died.

youngest daughter seven years old
Abdul’s first marriage took place at the age of 18. His 22 sons and 20 daughters live together in his seven-room house. Most of these children are below 15 years of age. His youngest daughter is 7 years old. In a 2017 interview, Abdul told that he did not have money. Because of this their children could not get milk and many of their children died. In the beginning, he worked hard to educate his elder children, but as his age increased, Abdul’s ability to work also decreased.

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10 children could not go to school
Abdul had a wife and a child who died together. Abdul says that his wife was very ill but due to financial difficulties, he could not get her treated. Due to lack of money for fees, 10 children of Abdul could not go to school. Jaan Mohammad Khilji of Quetta, who had 36 children, was considered the father of the most children before Abdul came into limelight with 6 wives and 54 children.

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