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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Pak cricketer spewed venom on King Kohli, said- ‘he/she becomes a big player…’


Kamran Akmal’s boastfulness came to the fore once again.Kamran Akmal raised questions on the fame received by Virat Kohli. Kamran Akmal spoke too much while praising his/her brother Umar Akmal.

New Delhi. Former Pakistan cricketer Kamran Akmal, while praising his/her brother Umar Akmal, said too much, which Indian fans might not like. While spewing venom against Virat, he/she also said that the former captain of Team India has a very strong PR (Public Relations), that’s why he/she became a big player. he/she called Umar Akmal a bigger player than Virat Kohli. he/she also said that the entire PR (Public Relations) team works to brighten Virat’s image. Akmal says that if any current Pakistani cricketer playing in the T20 World Cup had such statistics, he/she would have questioned Virat Kohli’s greatness.

Kamran Akmal spoke big things while talking to Pakistan’s ARY News. he/she said that even though Umar does not come close to Kohli’s stature in world cricket, his/her strike rate is better than the Indian star and his/her best individual score in the T20 World Cup is also better than Virat. Kamran Akmal said, ‘I am talking about the stats that came yesterday, Umar and Virat. Umar is equal to Virat Kohli’s little finger.’

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becomes a big player…
Akmal further said, ‘The performance and status of Virat Kohli. he/she has a better strike rate than Virat Kohli, scores more too. We don’t have any PR company. We don’t spread our stats so much on social media. Imagine if these stats were in the name of any of these 15 (Pakistani) players, there would have been a storm by now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they taunted Virat Kohli that ‘he/she becomes a big player, he/she has scored a lot’. he/she (Umar Akmal) is such a player. I will send the stats, you will be surprised if you see them.’

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