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Overeating during pregnancy will worsen the health of mother and child, know what is the way to avoid it

gestational diabetes

Overeating and being overweight can increase the risk of gestational diabetes. An increase in the sugar level of a pregnant woman can also increase the insulin level of the baby. This can lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes in the child.

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caesarean operation

Eating too many calories during pregnancy can affect the weight of the fetus. If the child’s weight increases, then the chances of having an operation to remove it increase and complications may also occur.

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Heartburn during pregnancy It is common to be As the baby grows, there is pressure on the stomach and intestines and the digestive system also becomes weak. Eating more during this time can increase indigestion and heartburn.

Apart from overeating in pregnancy pre-eclampsia Or there could be high BP too. Pre-eclampsia can lead to preterm delivery.

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baby problem

If the mother’s weight increases too much due to overeating, then the size of the baby can also increase. Due to the large size of the baby at the time of delivery, its shoulders may get hurt or the mother’s birth canal may get hurt.

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How to control overeating

You can avoid overeating during pregnancy in the following ways:

  • light exercise during pregnancy Do it. Walking is best.
  • Keep the body hydrated as there is more craving due to lack of water.
  • Take a healthy diet and stay away from junk food.
  • Do meditation and listen to songs, it keeps stress and anxiety away.

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