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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024

Overconfidence led to the downfall of BJP… Saffron party should learn from the article in RSS magazine Organiser

New Delhi : After the results of the Lok Sabha elections, a new government has been formed. PM Modi has taken oath as PM for the third consecutive time. The cabinet has also been divided. Even after this, the discussion on one thing is not stopping yet. That is the poor performance of BJP in this election compared to the last time. A day before, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat mentioned the process of consensus building in elections, misuse of technology and propagating falsehood. The statement of the RSS chief is being described as a lesson for the BJP. Now an article has been published in the RSS’s mouthpiece Organiser about the electoral performance of BJP in the Lok Sabha elections. It has been said that the reason for the poor performance of BJP was overconfidence.

You don’t win by sharing selfies

RSS member Ratan Sharda’s article mentions BJP’s slogan ‘Abki Baar 400 Paar’. Sharda says that the result of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections is an indication that the BJP needs to correct its course. he/she says that the results did not go in BJP’s favour for several reasons. According to Sharda, the result of the 2024 general elections has come as a reality check for overconfident BJP workers and many leaders. They did not realise that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for 400+ was a target for them and a challenge for the opposition. he/she said that targets are achieved by hard work on the ground, not by sharing posters and selfies on social media. he/she said that BJP workers were happy in their bubble, enjoying the glow emanating from Modiji’s aura. They felt that victory will be ours.

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Mistake in selecting candidates?

The article further said that the notion that Modiji was contesting all 543 seats proved to be of limited value. The idea proved suicidal when the candidates were changed. They were imposed at the cost of local leaders and turncoats were given more importance. he/she further said that sacrificing even well-performing MPs to accommodate latecomers proved to be detrimental. It is estimated that about 25 per cent of the candidates were seasonal migrants. It can be seen that local issues, the track record of the candidate mattered. The apathy of local BJP workers was also due to this factor.

navbharat timesYes, we were proven wrong, after the election results PK accepted his/her mistake and also told the reason for BJP’s loss

Questions raised on merging NCP

The article makes a critical comment on the political developments in Maharashtra. It says that Maharashtra is a prime example of unnecessary politics and avoidable manipulation. The NCP faction led by Ajit Pawar joined the BJP while the BJP and the split SS had a comfortable majority. Sharad Pawar would have disappeared in two-three years as the NCP would have lost its strength in the fight between the cousins. Why was this wrong move taken? BJP supporters were hurt because they had fought against the ideology of the Congress for years and were persecuted. In one stroke, the BJP reduced its brand value. After years of struggle to become number one in Maharashtra, it became just another political party without any difference.

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