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Outcry from Corona in Japan, children are most at risk in the 8th wave, 41 innocents have died so far

COVID-19 in Japan: The return of Corona in China has rung alarm bells all over the world. Along with China, many countries of the world have again come under the grip of the epidemic. Apart from China, the situation in Japan and America has also worsened. According to the report of Japan Times, the 8th wave has come here and children are dying due to the Omicron variant.

According to the Japan Times, 41 children have died in Japan in the last 8 months. Of these, 15 children were not already sick. Out of these 15, 4 children were less than one year old. The age of 2 children was between one to 4 years and 9 children were above 5 years of age. Experts say that the new variant of Omicron can prove fatal.

Children are more at risk from Omicron variant

In Japan, children are getting more impressed by the Omicron variant. There have been several cases in Japan in which healthy children have died after being infected with COVID-19. A survey shows that more than half of the children who died of COVID-19 did not have any disease. Until the introduction of the Omicron variant late last year, only three patients aged 20 had died in Japan, but in the first eight months of this year the number has risen to 41.

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The death toll of children from Corona increased

Analysis of 29 of these 41 deaths showed that 14 had diseases related to the central nervous system (heart disease or other diseases since birth) while the remaining 15 did not have any disease. Of these 15 patients, four were less than 12 months old, two were between 1 year and 4 years old while nine were 5 years or older. Many of these patients had reached the hospital in a state of high fever or unconsciousness. More than 60 percent of these patients died within a week of getting infected with corona.

Appeal to vaccinate children

According to Japan’s Ministry of Health, since the end of October, cases of corona are increasing among people under the age of 20 years. Till Tuesday (December 20), 2 lakh 57 thousand infected were found in Japan, out of which 30 percent are children. According to the report, compared to last year, there has been an increase of about 35 times in the cases of flu in December this year. Tomohiro Katsuta, an associate professor at St. Mariana University School of Medicine, said vaccination is the most effective way to prevent children from becoming infected with COVID-19. He has appealed to the parents to get their children vaccinated and not to send them to school if they are ill.

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